15 Christmas dilemmas solved

Christmas is just around the corner. Whilst you are finishing essential preparations, you know you are not protected from any unforeseen event. Above all, do not get overwhelmed. For each issue, there is a solution.

img_9951You do not know what present to get for one of your family members/friends. Getting presents can be extremely easy if you apply the following rule. When buying a gift, try to get something the person either wants, needs, can read, or can wear.

Your fridge is already full. There is no space for any extra food. A full fridge might mean you have got enough to feed everybody on Christmas day. But if you are really missing food, then it could be a good idea to take some vegetables out of your fridge. Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts will be fine left on your kitchen counter.

Your train/flight home is cancelled due to weather conditions/strikes. Worrying will not change anything to this unfortunate situation. Try to get the next train/flight without spending any money, and make sure to get reimbursed by the transport company. Do not forget to call your relatives to warn them of your delay. And most important, get yourself busy when waiting for the following journey. You could buy last-minute presents, start a new book, or watch a film on your electronic devices.

You have no idea how to dress for the Christmas party. Sophisticated? Casual? You just cannot decide as no indication was given by the hosts. Your safest bet is to go for a casual chic look. But relax. There is no rule on Christmas day. As long as you feel comfortable in your clothes, it is the most important. So get your Christmas jumper out or your glittering outfit and wear it with pride.

img_0047Someone is coming to your Christmas party at the last minute and you have no present to give this person. Many alternatives exist. You can get a bottle of wine or sweet treats at your local shops. If you cannot go there, be creative and make presents on your own. In case you really cannot make it, a Christmas card will do. After all, this person’s presence was not planned.

You have ordered a present which will arrive after Christmas day. Think about printing out an image of the gift you bought and give it to the recipient with an accompanying note explaining the present will be hers/his very soon. Keep tracking the order and once you get the present, do not forget to give it to the person it belongs to.

Some family members are no longer coming to your Christmas party. Their non-participation does not necessarily mean that Christmas is cancelled. Try to look at the positive side of the situation. You will have plenty of food and drinks. There will be no shortage, so no stress. You might even spend less time in the kitchen as you will have less people to feed, which means more fun for you.

 You forgot/burnt the turkey.  This is the occasion to go vegetarian. Get all the vegetables you have out of your fridge and concoct small snacks for your guests. For the main dish, you can make pastry with vegetables and cheese.

You forgot about someone’s special diet/allergy/intolerance. You can only apologise and adapt your meal. Open your fridge and see what you can come up with. Ask your guests if they will be happy with your new preparation. They might even help you or give you some useful pieces of advice.

The Christmas party is boring. If you are the host, change your initial plans. Turn some cheery music on and suggest some games to play. Do not hesitate to ask your guests what they would like to do. If you are the guest, resist the temptation to go on your phone. Instead try to make conversation with people around you and ask if you can help. Getting busy kills boredom.

img_0027You cannot decide what Christmas programme to watch on TV. What about turning the TV off during Christmas day? Christmas is meant to be cheerfully spent in family. So avoid the traditional argument about what’s on TV and play games instead.

The presents you have received are disappointing. Just pretend you like them. Thank people with a smile, and remember it is the intention that counts. You will be able to exchange your presents later. You can even give them to other people or sell them online.

You have no batteries for your children’s toys. Although, they are likely to be disappointed with this inconvenience, it is possible to keep them happy by playing board games, or watching their favourite film. All children want is to spend time with their parents. You will have time to buy batteries after Christmas day.

Your guests have decided to stay over, but you do not have enough space for them. Be an exceptional host and give your bedroom to your guests. You can have the sofa, or the mattress for 1 or 2 nights. Make your guests feel welcome by giving them fresh towels and some space to put their luggage.

You have no idea what to do with your leftovers. You can use your vegetables to make a soup. This healthy dish might be perfect after days of heavy eating. If you still have meat, think about making a pie, or pastries. You can also use it in sandwiches.

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