How to choose the perfect tree

img_0451The central piece of your Christmas décor is definitely your tree. Not only will you spend hours decorating your conifer, it is also under your tree that Santa will place exciting presents. Therefore, it is crucial to select the tree that will enchant your Christmas. With the impressive variety of tree types, it can be quite stressful to choose the perfect conifer. This guide will help you decide what is best for your home this Christmas.

Before looking at trees, choose carefully the place where you want to put your tree. This will give you an idea of the height and girth you should go for when buying a Christmas tree.

Real or artificial?

For years, there has been an ongoing debate about real and artificial trees. Both kinds come with great benefits. Real trees look exquisitely traditional and smell wonderfully! However, they require constant maintenance as they can rapidly dry out and lose their needles, creating a real mess in your home. Artificial trees, which have seen their popularity dramatically grow these last few years, do not need to be watered and their resistant needles rarely fall off. Cheaper than real trees, synthetic conifers can be kept for years as they are storable. Easy to assemble, artificial trees makes decorating more fun as their needles are generally smooth. Moreover, modern artificial trees increasingly resemble conifers inhabiting forests. They can even get the real and refreshing woodland scent thanks to ingenious perfumed sticks supplied by Festive, ScentSicles. These fragrant batons can be placed on your tree. As a result, artificial trees appear to be an excellent choice to spend a delightful Christmas whilst saving money.

Tree types

To have the best artificial Christmas tree, make sure it looks like the real stuff. Christmas trees can be divided in three distinct categories: firs, pines, and spruces. These 3 types of conifers possess unique features which are worth remembering when buying a PVC, PE, or PVC/PE tree.


Fir trees can be recognised thanks to their incredible bushy look and wide base. Their needles, which individually occupy a stem, are generally soft and flat. Because of its full appearance, it is advised to place few ornaments on it. Here the byword ‘less is more’ takes all its meaning.

p007920Marvellous PVC and bristle Greenwood Fir to gleefully brighten up your home (H: 150cm G: 101cm – P007914 / H: 180cm G: 127cm – P007915 / H: 210cm G: 142cm – P007916 / H: 240cm G: 154cm – P007917 / H: 300cm G: 175cm – P007918 / H: 365cm G: 203cm – P007919 / H: 450cm G: 254cm – P007920).

p007913This natural-looking Sherwood Fir, made of PVC and cashmere, will enliven your Christmas with style (H: 150cm G: 101cm – P007907 / H: 180cm G: 127cm – P007908 / H: 210cm G: 142cm – P007909 / H: 240cm G: 154cm – P007910 / H: 300cm G: 175cm – P007911 / H: 365cm G: 203cm – P007912 / H: 450cm G: 254cm – P007913).

p007935Made of PVC and bristle, this impressive Franklin Fir, ornamented with lovely silver glitter tips, will bring exceptional glamour to your décor (H: 120cm G:75cm – P007932 / H: 150cm G: 96cm – P007933 / H: 180cm G: 116cm – P007934 / H: 210cm G: 127cm – P007935).

p008671Composed of hinged branches, this superb Redmond Fir will make your home look absolutely radiant (H: 120cm G: 58cm – P008667 / H: 150cm G: 78cm – P008668 / H: 180cm G: 98cm – P008669 / H: 210cm G: 120cm – P008670 / H: 240cm G: 132cm – P008671)

p007937This majestic Green Bavarian Fir, made of PVC and bristle, will give the illusion your home is invaded by the woods (H: 165cm G: 120cm – P007936 / H: 225cm G: 162cm – P007937).

p004499This fantastic frosted Slimbridge Fir, coming with hinged branches, is ideal to give life to a magical Winter Wonderland scenery (H: 180cm G: 91cm – P004497 / H: 210cm G: 112cm – P004498 / H: 240cm G: 127cm – P004499).


Pine trees possess thin and glossy needles which are delicately arranged in clusters of 2, 3 or 5. Composed of sparse branches, pines can host plenty of decorations. Ornaments can even be hung at the back and middle of branches to make pine trees look glamorously fuller.

p007931This splendid Turner Pine, coming with hinged branches and a folding steel stand, will add a classical and elegant touch to your décor (H:150cm G: 106cm – P007929 / H:180cm G:127cm – P007930 / H:210cm G: 143cm – P007931).

p005830Composed of hinged branches, this amazing Hutton Pine, will bring some chic to your home this Christmas (H: 150cm G: 79cm – P005827 / H: 180cm G: 84cm – P005828 / H: 210cm G: 91cm – P005829 / H: 240cm G: 96cm – P005830).

p005838Beautiful evergreen Paterson Pine, perfect to create a refined environment (H: 150cm G: 81cm – P005835 / H: 180cm G: 91cm – P005836 / H:  210cm G: 102cm – P005837 / H: 240cm G: 114cm – P005838).

259724This Majestic Pine, composed of hook-in branches, will get everybody in a festive mood (H: 180cm G: 127cm – 259687 / H: 210cm G: 142cm – 259694 / H: 240cm G: 155cm – 259700 / H: 300cm G: 175cm – 259717 / H: 450cm G: 249cm – 259724).

p008454Fabulous Winterfold Pine, with hinged branches, waiting to be cheerfully dressed with Christmas decorations (H: 120cm G: 78cm – P008451 / H: 150cm G: 91cm – P008452 / H: 180cm G: 106cm – P008453 / H: 210cm G: 121cm – P008454).

p008459This spectacular Rockingham Pine will definitely add a royal touch to your Christmas décor (H: 120cm G: 76cm – P008455 / H: 150cm G: 91cm – P008456 / H: 180cm G; 96cm – P008457 / H: 210cm G: 117cm – P008458 / H: 240cm G: 127cm – P008459).


Spruce trees have sharply pointed needles shaped into square and individually settled on a twig. Embodying the classical and gleeful spirit of Christmas, Spruces can be adorned with heavy ornaments.

p005854Composed of ingenious hinged branches, this imperial Mayberry Spruce will reinforce the traditional essence of Christmas (H: 120cm G: 86cm – P005851 / H: 150cm G: 102cm – P005852 / H: 180cm G: 116cm – P005853 / H: 210 G: 137cm – P005854).

p007781This wonderful Stanton Spruce, with practical hinged branches, will adorn your home with merry delight (H: 150cm G: 112cm – P007779 / H: P007780 G: 127cm – P007780 / H: 210cm G: 146cm – P007781).

p008444Stunning Heartwood Spruce, with hook-in branches, to produce a celebratory and enjoyable ambiance this Christmas (H: 120cm G: 68cm – P008441 / H: 150cm G: 86cm – P008442 / H: 180cm G: 97cm – P008443 / H: 210cm G: 122cm – P008444).

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