Christmas Baubles

img_0431A Christmas tree without baubles can only look incomplete and dull. Baubles are perfect to wonderfully enliven and personalise real and artificial trees. Made of glass, plastic or wool, Christmas baubles, usually spherical in form, can be moulded into any shapes, and covered with any designs.

A quick history

Before the appearance of baubles, in the 16th century Germany, Christmas trees were decorated with edibles, mostly cakes and sweets shaped into hearts and flowers. These atypical ornaments were then replaced by candles, which rapidly disappeared as they were causing fires.

Christmas baubles emerged during the 17th century, in Lauscha (Germany) thanks to Hans Greiner, who, with Christoph Muller, started creating impressive glassworks. The first baubles were made of glass and shaped into fruits and nuts. These amazing ornaments, which had a silvery inside made with mercury or lead, became manufactured in 1847. However, they were extremely expensive, and only the richest fringe of society could decorate their Christmas tree with merry baubles, increasingly resembling spheres.

Baubles gained popularity in the UK in 1846, after a picture, featuring Queen Victoria’s Christmas tree decorated with glass ornaments, was published in the London Paper. By 1870s, glass baubles produced in Lauscha were exported to the UK. A decade later, the lively ornaments seduced F.W. Woolworth, American dime-store businessman, who made a fortune by importing them to the US.

Modern trends

Today, Christmas baubles are mass produced and mainly made of plastic; diminishing production costs. Despite the recent plastic supremacy, glass, considered as a superior material, remains used, especially in eastern European countries.

Besides, originality has become the byword nowadays! Baubles can take any forms, varying from animals to Christmas symbols, and be adorned with atypical patterns and details.

At Festive, thorough research and analysis are done to detect and comprehend the new trends concerning tree ornaments, as they are essential to construct outstanding Christmas décors. Not only are our baubles modern and stylish, they also beautifully mix elegance with glee.

In addition to coming in different trendy shapes, like olives, onions, and drops, Festive baubles, made of various original and shatterproof materials, can be inhabited by Christmassy elements, and decorated with incredibly detailed designs.










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