2017 Lights Collection

Festive is one of the leading suppliers of seasonal lighting in the UK, supplying both independent retailers and high street stores.

For over 30 years Festive has been an innovator in lighting technology, always developing to bring the latest products to the market.

Festive has a team of fully qualified, fully employed quality assurance technicians in China ensuring that we continue to provide products which have the best quality and specification in the UK

Core Lighting

Our core range consists of LED string lights, these are the staple of most homes at Christmas and Festive has a wide range of colours and sizes for every taste and requirement. In addition the core collection also consists of Snowing Icicle lights, Cluster Lights and Connectable LED’s

P015457Festive’s core collection comes in market leading colour box packaging specifically designed to stand out on shelf, while communicating all the product features clearly and simply to the consumer. Each pack is colour coded to easily distinguish between product categories and includes a full technical breakdown on the reverse of the box.

Dual Power

In 2017 Festive launched Dual Power LED lights, a combination of battery light sets which lasts for 72 days on one set of high quality alkaline batteries with an in line USB connection. This means that the light set can either be plugged into a USB connection or run on battery power alone!

These light sets give the ultimate flexibility, for either indoor or outdoor use and at any time of the year.

Sparkle Lights

Sparkle Lights were also launched in 2017 and are specifically designed light strings to fit a specific size Christmas tree.

Each light set has LED bulbs which are 2.5cm apart so all you need to do is wind the light set around the tree for a professionally dressed tree in minutes!

To become a Festive lights stockist please call our team on 01633 627 300

For 2017, Festive has created a new collection of decorations bringing the best of the 2016 range together with exciting new products, designs and themes.

Festive 2017 Collection

This Years Festive Collection mixes the Traditional with the Magical to create an outstanding Festive Range.

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Festive Trees

Festive Trees is growing, innovation and new designs lead the way to create a wholesome Christmas Tree Collection.

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British Made Tinsel

British is Best; with UK Made Tinsel at the forefront of Festive our 2017 collection is a Tinsel Extravaganza.

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Festive Lights 2017

Innovation is at the core of our 2017 lighting range. This year, our collection comprises App Brights, laser and LED projectors, as well as Dual Power Lights.

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Disney Collection

Christmas can only be enchanting with our lovely Disney decorations, including baubles, trees and tinsel!

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Universal Collection

Minions have cheerfully invaded Festive and are here to stay! The adorable and cheeky Universal characters are ready to enliven Christmas.

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