Disney Collection 2017

Disney Logo

Festive is hitting the ground running with fantastic licensed products that will magically enchant Christmas 2017. Our licensed range features emblematic characters from the amazing Disney realm, including the stylish Minnie, the adorable Olaf, and the adventurous Ariel.

Mickey and his amusing friends, iconic characters, will bring the traditional and joyful spirit of Disney to any home.

Disney Princesses will enlighten Christmas with their intelligence, bravery, curiosity, creativity, kindness, and cheerfulness. This year, a great focus is put on Belle who is getting her own film!

The powerful and hilarious Frozen characters are staying in Festive and will not let Christmas glee and magic go.

Our Disney collection, which is composed of exciting new products, such as adorable baubles, shiny inflatables, delightful trees, and gleeful tinsel, is perfect to thrill children!

To request a brochure featuring these incredible new products please call 01633 627 300