Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations available wholesale from Festive

Festive is proud to be the licence holder for Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations. We have produced an awe inspiring range, all available to display in eye catching units. Produced in 2013 Disney’s Frozen is still the highest ever grossing computer animated film and a firm favourite with audiences throughout the year but particularly at Christmas.

Make sure your shoppers don’t miss out on this captivating range by ordering your Disney’s Frozen Christmas decoration selection soon.

Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

The full range of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations is available to view on Pinterest:

Disney’s Frozen Christmas Pinterest Board by Festive


Appealing to both boys and girls of all ages

The box office figures speak for themselves. This is not just one of the most popular animated films, but the number one most popular. The target audience was initially girls between the ages of 2 and 12, with boys of the same age a secondary target. However, in the two years since release the film has proved immensely popular with audiences of all ages. Frozen has produced a top 5 hit chart single with ‘Let it Go’ and gained an ever growing following on YouTube with numerous parodies and lip sync videos boasting millions of ‘hits’.

A second movie, known only as ‘Frozen 2’ at this juncture is currently under way and whilst there is no official release date yet, the phenomena that is Disney’s Frozen can only continue.

Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

With a following as big and with so many advocates as this, Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations are set to prove hugely popular for many years to come.


Striking display solutions for Disney’s Frozen Christmas range

The display units have been specifically designed to be compact so as not to impose on your existing point of sale displays or on your shoppers, yet they are spacious enough to contain a sizeable display of spectacular Frozen decorations.

The reinforced cardboard displays are easy to erect and lightweight enough to be repositioned when needed. The first of our units features four shelves to showcase items, space above the top shelf for hanging smaller items and further hanging room down the exterior side panels, this striking display solution is effective on both cost to you and on presentation for your shoppers.

Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

Alongside this shelf-type display stand you can showcase the co-ordinating tinsel from the Disney’s Frozen range, in an equally striking unit:

Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

Extensive range of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations

Featuring the familiar and loveable characters of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and Hans your display will capitalise on the enduring popularity of the most successful animated movie of all time, with an extensive range of Christmas decorations all in the popular theme of Disney’s Frozen.

Some of the most popular items from the Frozen Christmas decoration range include:

Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations, Frozen Baubles

1: Disney’s Frozen Smartie Baubles

Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations, Frozen Baubles

2: Disney’s Frozen Princess pack of Christmas Baubles

Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations, Frozen Statues, Frozen Figures

   3: Disney’s Frozen Christmas Figurines

   The full range of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations is available to view on Pinterest or in this presentation:

Disney’s Frozen Christmas Decorations from Festive

Disney’s Frozen Christmas Pinterest Board by Festive

Regional sales

Our sales teams cover the length and breadth of the UK and southern Ireland. For more information about Festive productions Ltd in your area, please see the map and contacts list. All our sales contacts are happy to discuss any of the ranges available from Festive. Feel free to get in touch.


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