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Princesses have never been more alive than today! Emblematic figures have now their own Hollywood films, such as Cinderella (March 2015) and Beauty and the Beast (March 2017). They also appear on TV series, like Once Upon a Time (ABC, 2011) and Tangled (Disney Channel, 2017). Walt Disney Productions keeps creating princesses, making sure they convey positive values and speak to the mainstream public as well as minorities. This is the case of Moana, brave Polynesian princess and Eleanor of Avalor, adventurous Latina princess, who are ready to take over 2016.

In 1937, the world had the incredible chance to welcome the first Disney princess, Snow White. Plenty of other princesses have then followed, including Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel. In 2000, faced with the mass adoration accompanying each princess, The Walt Disney Company decided to launch a media franchise grouping all the royal figures. Since, Disney Princess has been extremely lucrative. This campaign has also reinforced the fabulous popularity of the Disney heroines amongst girls aged between 3 and 12, who like imitating their favourite princess. This phenomenon is far from being new. Disney princesses, since their creation, have always affected the life of those looking up at them. These royal figures play a significant role in the identity construction of girls and teenagers as they have the amazing power of influencing the way girls see themselves and women in general.

This impact has been seriously taken by The Walt Disney Company which launched an ingenious brand campaign, named ‘Dream Big, Princess’, in 2016. This campaign courageously encourages customers to see beyond tiaras, magnificent dresses, and glass slippers. ‘Dream Big, Princess’ wants to modernise the image of Disney princesses by dwelling on their wonderful heroism, their gentle nature, their endless curiosity, and their taste for adventures.

Here are the amazing personality traits of the princesses inspiring Festive for its decoration items: Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Snow White.



Ariel, the curious and brave explorer

Ariel, from The Little Mermaid (1989), is a true adventurer who wants to explore the human world as she struggles to fit into the ocean world. Throughout the film, she never gives up her dream to integrate the human universe. She is a strong individual who knows what she wants and she is ready to make the hardest sacrifices to reach her objectives. Not only does Ariel teach girls that giving up is not an option, she also shows that being strong-willed is very important in life.

The famous mermaid displays an infinite curiosity. To be part of the human world, Ariel is eager to learn everything about this mysterious and fascinating realm. Instead of being scared of the unknown, she fully embraces it. The marvellous sea creature encourages girls to fearlessly take risks in life.

Ariel is also a brave young woman who does not hesitate to save the life of a prince she does not know. The courageous mermaid urges her admirers to help others.


Belle, the tolerant and outspoken princess

Belle, lead character of the film Beauty and the Beast (1991), is a smart and ambitious princess who has a strong passion for books. Belle reads to escape her oppressing life in a village where nothing really happens. Books give her the opportunity to immerse herself in captivating stories and learn about the outside world. The clever villager encourages her fans to be brainy. Thanks to her, girls realise that books can be their best friends to succeed in life.

Bravery perfectly defines Belle. First, by heroically abandoning her freedom to protect her father, the French princess shows she is ready to put her life at risk to save the ones she loves. Secondly, she is not afraid of standing up to the cruel and frightening beast. Belle shows it is important to be outspoken in life. By being honest and frank, Belle earns the respect of the beast. She urges girls to be loud when something is wrong and unfair.

Most of all, Belle is tolerant. She does not judge books by their cover. Although the Beast terrifies her at the start, she makes the effort to go beyond superficial appearances. And she ends up discovering a lovable man. Belle encourages girls to be open-minded in life.

dp016-cinderellaCinderella, the gentle and determined princess

Cinderella, from the eponymous film (1950), is a young woman who is not afraid of working under horrible conditions. Despite the cruelty of her stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and her stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, Cinderella keeps serving them in a gentle way. She does not even nurture a revengeful plan. Cinderella shows that hard work and kindness always pay at the end. She teaches girls that being gentle with everybody is the best attitude to have in life. Her fairy-tale proves there is no need to stoop to cruelty or revenge.

Cinderella is full of determination. She does everything she can to attend the ball and meet the prince. And even when problems occur, she keeps having faith. Cinderella urges her adorers to always believe the best is to come in life. The optimistic princess promotes the can-do attitude.

dp016-rapunzelRapunzel, the creative and curious saviour

Rapunzel, heroine of the film Tangled (2010), is a real artist. Confined in a lugubrious tower, Rapunzel spends her time painting real masterpieces. The talented princess shows girls that they are able to create, invent and innovate.

Curiosity is a great part of Rapunzel’s personality. She dreams of escaping her solitary tower to explore the outside world. The brave princess flees when the opportunity comes and discovers a wonderful world. Rapunzel proves that taking risks always pays in life.

Rapunzel is a saviour as she does not hesitate to save the life of the audacious Flynn. The princess with very long hair confirms that girls can be heroines.

dp016-snow-whiteSnow White, the cheerful and affectionate nurturer

Snow White, main protagonist of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937), loves taking care of people. Snow White has a maternal power on people. Even when she is faced with ungratefulness, Snow White keeps acting with kindness, and it becomes impossible for the grumpiest person on Earth to resist her charm. She teaches girls that altruism and affection engender love.

Snow White is constantly in a good mood. Nothing seems to make her angry. She enjoys life at its fullest and does her best to make everybody around her happy. The princess who likes singing, encourages girls to generously bring joy in the life of others.


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