Festive Facts

  • Festive’s British made tinsel has been exported all over the world, even as far as Australia!

  • Festive distribute products to 4 of the worlds 7 Continents including North America & Asia.

  • Festive sell approximately 7.9 million metres of lights every year.

  • Every 4 Years Festive Produce enough tinsel to wrap around the World.

  • Festive’ Head Office Site is over 255,000 sq. ft and comprises of offices, Warehouses and a Tinsel Factory.

  • SMETA has recognized Festive Productions as an Ethical Trade Organisation, which is required by some of our Major Customers like Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

  • Hedlund international have over 80 Factories in the Far East, all of which subscribe to the ETI 9 Base Code, which refers to the 9 principles of ethical trading.

  • On average every year Festive have over 5,000 Different Product Lines inbound to the UK.

  • Our Quality Department carries out over 400 Shipment Inspections every year.