Festive Arctic Ice display at Harrogate

IMG_6820Every January, Festive takes part in Harrogate Christmas & Gift to exhibit its fabulous decorations. This year, we have introduced our new themes and trends, including our Arctic Ice realm inhabited by adorable penguins, bears, narwhals, and reindeers. Festive polar world stands out with its snowy, and icy elements creating a mesmerising atmosphere. Not only does Festive icy display represent the magical ambiance from the polar hemispheres, our décor also highlights some of our key 2017 trends. Such tendencies, seen through our different hanging ornaments, serve to restyle a popular theme known and appreciated by everybody. The integration of specific design trends into our display reinforces our decorative statements whilst adding an original twist.

IMG_6821Trend Highlights

Four trends can be distinguished on our tree. Some tendencies are at the service of our icy theme, and others contribute to construct a sense of uniqueness and modernity. To produce our 2017 Arctic décor, we have favoured realistic representations of polar animals, and focused on decorations celebrating snow and ice. We have also featured geometric elements to galvanise our display with elegance.

Get our Arctic Ice look from Harrogate


7cm photographic polar bear decoupage ball (P012543)

Our Christmas tree is ornamented with wonderful decoupage baubles adorned with realistic and majestic polar bears.


8cm 2 asstd snow writing decoupage balls (P011382)

Snow, which has a central place in our Arctic décor, comes in various forms. For instance, the decoupage baubles decorating our tree feature snow typography.


50cm acrylic icicle – white (P011844)


57cm silver starburst in PET box (P011895)

57cm white starburst in PET box (P011896)

Our tree is beautifully enhanced with captivating elements found in ice grottos. Whilst our refined icicles add an ounce of delicacy to our display, our impressive sputniks place style at the core of our décor.


15.5cm laser cut acrylic narwhal – white (P013327)

8.6cm laser cut acrylic penguin – white (P013330)

7cm laser cut acrylic polar bear – white (P013329)


11cm hanging geometric white reindeer (P008831)

Geometric polar animals, living in our Christmas tree, bring sophistication to our enchanting Arctic décor.

Designed by festive logo (2)


Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

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