Festive on BBC’s ‘The One Show’


Last year BBC’s ‘The One Show’ came to see how tinsel was made at Festive¬†Productions Ltd


man spinning and cutting tinsel on measuring machine on the one show

See Festive productions on the one show, see how tinsel is made

Don’t mean to brag, but we are the biggest manufacturer of tinsel in the UK. We have 35 state of the art tinsel machines that produce over 18 million meters of tinsel every year, that’s enough to go from our offices in South Wales to Sydney and Back!

We also produce licensed tinsel, whether it’s Hello Kitty, Kirstie Allsopp or own brand bespoke tinsel for various high profile clients.

Last year Justin from The One Show came to visit our site and see how tinsel is made by the professionals. tinsel production specialist, Jason Poulsom, showed Justin how, using PVC film, tinsel is made.

Our tinsel machines use a spinning motion, much like a candy floss machine, to get the tinsel together with a thin wire.

The presenter from the one show is being shown how tinsel is made by Jason

Jason showing Justin from BBC’s The One Show how tinsel is made

Read Justin’s blog from BBC’s ‘The One Show’ here.



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