Festive Harmony display at NEC


Each year, Festive cheerfully takes part in the trade show, NEC Spring Fair, to present its marvellous and innovative Christmas decorations. The 2017 exhibit has been sensational for our company. In addition to showcasing our impressive train, stunning trees, and original lights, we have introduced our new Christmas themes and design trends through elaborate and mesmerising displays. Our Harmony trend, unveiled at NEC, delivers tranquil décors encouraging the mind to disconnect from the chaos dominating the world. Our Harmony collection serves to develop a serene atmosphere, essential to find inner peace and happiness. Influenced by the Bohemian culture, Harmony is a trend that heavily relies on elements found on our splendid Earth, varying from crystals to stones.


Trend Highlights

Our Harmony tree displayed at NEC is adorned with delicate ornaments embodying calmness and grace. Producing a décor inspired by our Harmony trend requires decorations resembling glamourous jewels, as they express peaceful sensuality. The earthy aspect of our design can be reproduced with ornaments representing the anatomy of stones and minerals. Finally a relaxing display cannot be made without well-being symbols.

Get our Harmony look from NEC

Voluptuousness is best spread with twinkling decorations giving the illusion they are precious jewels.


8cm ice glass olive (P006898)

Seet Kamal - 44

7cm 3 asstd tinsel wire balls (P015726)

Our decoupage baubles featuring organic components are perfect to create a realm of tranquillity.


7cm 3 asstd decoupage harmony print balls (P012542)

Delicate flowers and plants are amazing symbols combining peacefulness with nature.


75cm acrylic silver cattail spray (P011857)


Designed by festive logo (2)


Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

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