Festive on BBC

In December 2012, BBC journalist, Justin Rowlatt, showed an interest in Festive Productions, as it became the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK after purchasing Widmanns.

Justin was quite surprised to learn that Cwmbran, town in South Wales mostly known for its coal industry, is the tinsel capital of the UK. Festive supplies two-thirds of the twinkling decoration sold in the country. With 150,000 metres produced per day, Festive is a global leader in the sector of Christmas glamour and glitz.

Justin also wondered how Festive keeps up with its Chinese competitors with cheaper production costs. The answer is quite simple: the sparkly Christmas must-have does not travel really well. Tinsel transported on boats from far Asia is more likely to become floppy. Festive customers, which are renowned supermarkets, shops, and garden centres, are aware of this fact, so they do not mind paying more if that means better quality!


During his tour in our tinsel factory, Justin was truly amazed by our rich range of colourful and shiny tinsel products. Not only does Festive produce classical and popular red, silver and gold tinsel, the company also makes more daring products, such as gingham garlands.


When the journalist was shown our production process, he discovered with awe our state-of-the-art tinsel machines functioning like candy floss makers. Indeed, after cutting strips of metallised PVC, our amazing and powerful tinsel machines spin the glossy bands together with a nylon cord. Festive produces 25 metres of tinsel every 6 minutes!

Historians record the first appearance of tinsel in Germany, in the 17th century. At this time, the sleek product was used to reflect the light emanating from candles. Tinsel is believed to have arrived in the UK in the 1930s due to its immense popularity in the US.


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