Festive on The Express

In December 2014, the internationally renowned British newspaper, The Express stopped at our headquarters in Cwmbran to visit our marvellous tinsel domain. The prestigious media outlet had the exceptional opportunity to learn more about our tinsel production.

The Express found out with true astonishment that Festive is one of the largest tinsel manufacturers in the world, producing 148, 750 metres per month. Every year, Festive makes 12 million metres of twinkling and colourful tinsel, primarily used to enliven Christmas trees. Created from January to November, our high quality tinsel is successfully sold to prominent supermarkets, shops, and garden centres in the UK and abroad. The Express was particularly amazed to learn that during peak times, the factory has to stay open 24/7 to keep up with the endlessly increasing demand.


During the tour in our tinsel realm, we happily revealed to The Express our fabrication process. We proudly showed the newspaper our 35 tinsel machines before explaining that our shiny Tinsel is made from metallised PVC, which is then firmly attached to a metal wire. One piece of Festive tinsel can be composed of up to 9 colours, whilst the best sellers are red, gold, and silver.

Festive tinsel is also known for its originality as the tinsel comes in superb funky shapes. Indeed, with our 4 state-of-the-art die cut machines, our tinsel can take the form of the adorable Hello Kitty, or any football clubs’ badges, which amused The Express.


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