Four steps to the cling film method of taking down your Christmas tree (and put it up quicker next year)

Twelfth night has passed and if you’re not too superstitious you may be waiting until the weekend to take down the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. There’s something a little sad about taking off those baubles and no-one enjoys fighting with the lights, so here’s a step by step guide to taking down the Christmas tree, avoiding any little annoyances… It’s worth mentioning that this tip only works on artificial trees, not the real ones.

First of all you need some cling film. Not the usual food wrap stuff you get from the supermarket, but the sturdiest kind you can find. Costco heavy duty is perfectly fine and some DIY stores now have home moving departments that sell exactly what you need.

Step one:

Start by tying the cling film under the Christmas tree base – as it is, don’t take anything off it! Wrap the base securely and move up the trunk to the lower branches.

Christmas tree cling film

Step two:

Wrap the lower branches tightly, slimming down the silhouette of the tree. Make your way carefully up the tree slimming down and securing the branches as you go – take care not to get dizzy!

Cling film Christmas tree

If any holes appear, simply go round again, that’s the beauty of the large cling film roll.

Step three:

Once you’ve made it to the top of the tree, lay it down and tuck the plug in where you can.

Cling film wrapped Christmas tree

Step four:

You should now have an entirely decorated tree, with the lights in place, securely wrapped and ready to put back in the loft or garage!

Cling film wrapped Christmas tree

Festive Productions have been using this method for years, but we’d love to know, if you’ve tried it how did you get on? Did you make any adjustments to the method, and have you unwrapped it to put up over the new festive season? How did it go?

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