Get the look: Nordic Forest Christmas tree


Our decoration showroom is a magical realm populated by imperial Christmas trees. Adorned with wonderful and original ornaments, Festive trees serve to epitomise each theme exhibited in our mesmerising world. This year, we are presenting a display influenced by Scandinavian culture. This majestic décor brings an ounce of refinement to woodland elements. To create a Nordic Forest display, sophisticated ornaments coming in rustic textures are to be favoured. Our Scandinavian tree, located in Cwmbran, is composed of elegant skeleton leaves, natural textures such as wood, and graceful feathers.

Our skeleton leaves are perfect to add a refined touch to any Christmas tree. Their detailed and minimal patterns serve to bring delicacy into the Nordic woods.


10cm 2 asstd metal leaf ornaments – gold/silver (P007493)


60cm silver hanging leaf decoration (P011126)

Natural textures are essential to reproduce the rustic ambiance of the Scandinavian forest. Our Christmas tree comprises ornaments made of wood and hessian.


1. 8cm 2 asstd glass white hessian shape on balls (P012658)

2. 8cm 2 asstd hessian shape white glass balls (P012854)


3. 13cm wooden house hanging decoration (P011902)

4. 13cm wooden mahogany red house hanging decoration (P011903)


24cm large reindeer antler (P013831)


12cm 3 asstd wooden tartan decorations (P013822)

Our decorative feathers are designed to adorn any Christmas tree with exceptional chic.


1. 8cm white feather effect bauble (P011923)

2. 70cm feather bunch spray (P008538)

3. 8cm gold feather effect bauble (P011921)

Designed by festive logo (2)


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