Happy New Year! Festive looks back over 2015

Festive Productions would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and invite you all to think back over 2015 and remember your favourite times. It’s all too easy at this time of year to think about how ‘naughty’ you’ve been or consider how you can improve yourself with new regimes and better habits.

Festive prides itself with having a good rapport with our customers, end users and Christmas wholesale suppliers alike, so we think you’re pretty great already! Let’s stop berating ourselves and remember how brilliant 2015 has been.

Festive’s favourites of 2015

As you may know Festive’s festive season starts very early, in fact it never really stops! It really is Christmas all year round in our corner of Cwmbran. 2015 was a busy year for us as ever, but we’d like to share some of the highlights.

Harrogate Christmas and Gift 2015

A definite favourite every year, the organisers of Harrogate Christmas and Gift Fair always make us feel very welcome. The show has just taken place and we were very excited, and busy getting organised for our stands during the first week of January. Look out for news about how it went soon…



Last year, we took our gorgeous little Mini all the way up the M1 as part of our ‘Home for Christmas’ theme. It was such a hit that we even sold out of our mini Minis, made for hanging on the Christmas tree! You can read all about why we love Harrogate so much in our blog, ‘Festive reveals ‘A Picture Perfect Christmas’ at Harrogate Christmas and Gift 2016.’

A warm welcome to Disney’s Frozen

We were ecstatic to become the licensed producer of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations last year. Our previous blog, ‘Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations available wholesale from Festive’ tells you all about the range. But, for Festive it is not only the acquiring of a new license that we are so pleased about, it is the Frozen products themselves – we adore the beloved characters in this popular hit film and firmly believe the style and design of the decorations will make them treasured items for generations to come. We can’t wait to hear when ‘Frozen 2’ will be released!


Tinsel Tina and The Lady

During November last year, Festive took ‘Tinsel Tina’ one of our tinsel machines to Wyevale’s Cadbury garden centre in Bristol. She was a huge hit, enthralling the crowds just by doing her day to day job – churning out 24 meters of tinsel every five minutes! The full story is in our blog, ‘Festive introduces Tinsel Tina to Wyevale’s Cadbury Garden Centre’.



And in December women’s lifestyle magazine ‘The Lady’ visited our manufacturing floor to see for themselves how we produce 600,000 meters of tinsel garland every day. Melonie Clarke seemed to enjoy herself, getting wrapped up in the festive spirit, figuratively and literally! You can read about her day at Festive in her ‘The Lady’ article, ‘My Day in Tinsel Town’.



Share your highlights

When someone brings you joy, share it! A smile is infectious and good vibes travel far…

We would love to hear how 2015 made you and your friends or family happy. You can find us on Twitter @Festive_UK, on Facebook as Festive Productions Ltd, or comment at the foot of this blog. Let’s put changing ourselves on hold for a while and remember what brought us joy, or achievement last year!


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