Hello Kitty Christmas Decoration Collection is Back for 2015


Here at Festive we’re pleased to announce that the Hello Kitty Christmas Decoration Collection is back with a furry vengeance for 2015! With the success of the 2014 range, Festive Productions is moving forward with Hello Kitty and a whole host of new and exciting products.

In 2014, we had Baubles, Lights and a Collection of Hello Kitty Tinsel, which was all very successful, and we plan to build on that Success.


We’ve been very busy this year, creating some new and really purrfect products for all you cool cats out there! Hello Kitty Products such as Christmas Signs, New Baubles & a Snow globe design. Our Hello Kitty Products have featured in many places, including social media, in magazines and in-store.

We have learnt a lot about Hello Kitty at Festive but did you know…

  • Hello Kitty was born in London on November 1st.
  • Hello Kitty’s full name is Kitty White and has a Twin sister called Mimmy.
  • Japanese company, Sanrio, owns Hello Kitty.
  • In 2012, Hello Kitty Global retail sales value was £5 billion.
  • Hello Kitty is the Number 1 Girls Brand, Globally.
  • Hello Kitty celebrated 40 years in 2014 and is a global icon.
  • Hello Kitty has 98% awareness in girls aged 6-11 and 94% in Women aged 18-34.
  • Hello Kitty, has on average an 11% growth Year on Year.
  • There were 50 million products sold world wide in 2012.
  • Hello Kitty has 80 partners in the UK producing a whole range of Kitty Products, Including Festive Productions.

More Hello Kitty Christmas Decorations at Our Showroom

We’ve also teamed up with Hello Kitty Magazine, so make sure to get a copy this Christmas to see what’s inside. Check out the Hello Kitty Magazine website for more information or check out our Hello Kitty Christmas collection.


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