How To… Create a Handmade Swag

Create a Handmade Festive Swag for your door using artificial foliage that will last the Festive Season!

Finished Swag mounted on a Door

Choose the colour’s of your picks and stems to match your colour theme. We have used two tree branches as the base of the swag, however you can use an assortment of evergreens to create the texture and shape you like.

You will need…

  • Artificial Tree Branches or Artificial, Flat Foliage such as Pine, Spruce, Yew or Cypress
  • Variegated Foliage (We used gold glitter holly to highlight the gold in the ribbon and 5 Berry & Cone Picks.)
  • Ribbon (With a Wire Edge for Fixing.)
  • Thin Wire
  • Anything else you think will make your swag unique

Use two colour tones for a professional look.


Lets get Started:

Different pieces ready to create the swag

1. Get your two tree branches and fluff them to the right place by bringing each branch to the sides. If you are using foliage, build them up on top of each other to the shape that you require and tie them together using wire.

Use the Branches from the back of your Christmas tree as a base for your swag.

Artificial Tree Branches

2. Weave the first colour into the base of the swag, when you place each pick, wire it on from the back of the swag. When weaving, make sure you place the picks into the base at different heights to create a varied, overall look.

Branches with added gold picks

3. Take the berry picks and place them at different heights, try experimenting before fixing the picks in place. When you have found the best configuration, attach the wire onto the picks before attaching it to the branch base, with the picks being heavier, try attaching the wire at 3 different places up the pick to make sure it doesn’t move. Ensure you attach all the picks in there final positions.

The Benefit of using Pre-made picks it most of the fiddly bits are already done.

Finished Swag

4. With the Swag complete, take the ribbon, fold into a bow shape and attach to the middle of the swag with wire. Once the shape is done, cut the ends of the ribbon and attach the ribbon with the wire to the base of the swag. Tweak the ribbon & bow and your done.

Why not add Scentsicle Sticks to make your creation smell Christmas Fresh.

Finished Swag mounted on a Door

5. Now you can mount the Swag on a Door or Wall and display all Christmas.

Why not use a Wallbug to attach your swag to the door.


Why not buy Festive:

50cm Glittered Xmas Ficus Spray – Gold (Festive Ref: 158195)

41cm Red Berry/Cone Spray (Festive Ref: M511103)

Wallbug (Festive Ref: 807239)

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