Look No Plug! Battery Powered Christmas lights by Festive

Festive introduce the new patented technology in battery powered Christmas lighting – Look No Plug! Lights your Christmas shoppers are bound to be enthralled by.

Battery powered Christmas lights, Look No Plug

What’s different about Look No Plug Christmas lights?

Battery powered Christmas lights are nothing new, even when fitted with a timer. So what is different about Look No Plug? The new patented technology means that the timer controls the power, turning the lights on at the same time every day, for a six hour period at a time. Good for saving battery life, but still not that new…

Battery powered Christmas lights, Look No Plug

Most timer controlled Christmas lights last happily for up to 30 days, but can often fall short of this. Look No Plug Christmas lights however, last an incredible 60 days on a single set of batteries! And if you’re thinking the batteries required must be enormous, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just four regular AA batteries or three D cell batteries will bring Christmassy luminosity for the whole festive season. That means you can light your Christmas displays from the very beginning of the wholesale season without changing the batteries before you shut down for Christmas. And your customers can put them up for their bonfire night celebrations and they’ll still be going strong for their New Year’s Eve parties!

Look No Plug, Battery powered Christmas lights

Christmas lights for indoor and outdoor use

What’s more, Look No Plug Christmas lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including ‘pathfinder’ loops and faceted globe strings, complimenting carefully designed decorations and welcoming visitors at the threshold. The weather proof battery box means the power source can be tucked behind a planter or under a shrub, eliminating the need for wires to be dangerously passed through letter boxes or windows.

Battery powered Christmas lights, icicle lights, Look No Plug

Easy to install Christmas lights and economical

Look No Plug Christmas lights are easy for you to install in your wholesale displays and come with a free screwdriver to aid you in your endeavours. There’s even a range of USB Christmas lights, for the ultimate in easy cash-desk decorating!

Battery powered Christmas lights, coloured Christmas lights, Look No plug

And once you’ve got them up, there’s no need to worry about power consumption. The patented technology that is used in Look No Plug Christmas lights means they are cheaper to run than mains powered lights and brighter than solar powered alternatives.

Batter powered Christmas lights, power consumption, Look No Plug

Look No Plug Christmas lights in summary

It’s simple to see that Look No Plug Christmas lights are perfect for you as Christmas wholesalers when organising your displays and perfect for your customers when lighting their home:

  • Weatherproof battery box
  • Eight different light functions
  • Will last the whole festive season
  • Uses 4x AA batteries or 3x D batteries
  • Timer – 6 hours on | 18 hours off
  • Lasts 45 days on static | 60 days on flashing
  • Test certificates for battery duration
  • Free screwdriver in every pack
  • Pallet deals for Christmas wholesalers

The whole Look No Plug Christmas lights range is available to view in our on-line catalogue, along with details on our pallet deals for Christmas wholesalers. If you require further advice or would like to arrange a visit from one of our sales representatives, please get in touch with one of our regional sales managers.







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