NEW: Festive Train


250cm display steam train (P010346)

Trains have always played a significant role during Christmas. Since their creation, they have allowed millions of passengers to travel home in December. At the end of 19th century, steam trains were used to transport Christmas presents sent from elsewhere. Due to their crucial missions, trains rapidly became popular decorative items. Moving around Christmas trees or resting on mantelpieces, little trains have continually served to reinforce the magical essence of Christmas whilst provoking joy around.


This year, Festive 2017 range is dominated by an impressive display steam train. Measuring 250cm, our black train, adorned with the number ‘25’ and a powerful spotlight, is the perfect product to create a nostalgic décor and deliver the Christmas spirit at home. Producing remarkable and realistic sound effects, our gigantic and captivating train can get anybody in a cheery mood.

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