Origins of decorated Christmas trees

img_0450Nowadays, it is completely unimaginable to celebrate Christmas without showing off a luxurious tree inhabited by cheery baubles, colourful tinsel, stylish garlands, and adorable figurines. Decorating a real or artificial tree has become an essential step whilst preparing Christmas festivities! And yet, rare are those who know where this popular custom comes from.

The first decorated Christmas tree saw the day in Germany during the 16th century. Introduced by pious Christians, this tree was ornamented exclusively with apples, white candy canes, and pastries shaped into stars, hearts and flowers. Adorning Christmas trees with edibles, such as cakes, nuts, and sweets, remained the major trend for many years.

Soon after, candles were added to bring some magical sparkle to Christmas trees. According to the historically unverified legend, the Father of Protestantism, Martin Luther came up with this idea when, on a walk, stars twinkling through the branches of a tree caught his attention. This enchanting scene reminded him of Jesus leaving his heavenly home to come to Earth. During the 19th century, candles, likely to cause fire, were replaced by electric lights.

Ornamented trees appeared in the UK in 1800 thanks to King George III’s wife. German-born, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz offered a Christmas tree to children during a party. In 1830s, young Victoria had trees decorated with lights and sugar in her room to celebrate Christmas. In 1841, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, introduced a Christmas tree to the castle. The upper class instantly imitated the royal family and started decorating trees mainly to assert their social dominance.

During the 20th century, newspapers, featuring pictures of decorated trees, contributed to popularise this tradition. Since, Christmas trees have conquered all the fringes of society, becoming indispensable must-have pieces for the gleeful winter celebrations. Today, plenty of original decorations are available to merrily embellish Christmas trees.


At Festive, our Christmas trees are thoroughly ornamented by our designers who let their endless imagination freely speak to suit particular themes, such as Winter Romance, Natures Glow, and Metallic Luxe. Here are some illustrations of their stunning and inspiring work!

dsc09981Gleeful tree decorated with an elegant pink ribbon garland, and vivid yellow, blue, black, pink, and orange baubles.

3Adorable tree ornamented with matte, shiny and glittering burgundy baubles, silver hanging hearts and stars, and plush ornaments.

13Christmassy tree inhabited by lovely assorted elves, matte and shiny red baubles, and knitted jackets.

7Stylish tree with splendid purple baubles, original jute hangers (NXY11811), elegant red and gold cones, and refined red berries garlands (NK110584).

img_0021Delightful tree ornamented with realistic pine cones, sophisticated green large glitter shapes (101238), festive antique stars (788590), and stunning red flowers.

img_0081Beautiful tree inhabited by adorable wool foxes (P001047), green and red chestnuts, and mushrooms.

img_0084Amazing tree covered with plush ornaments: reindeers, owls, and birds.

img_0098Glamorous tree decorated with sophisticated silver, rosy, and white baubles, delicate silver glitter willow sprays, and rosy velvet poinsettia stems.

img_0374Lovely tree ornamented with festive Queen’s guards, green glastic balls with glitter swirls (P002044), merry red glitter willow sprays, original red and green glastic ice balls (P002085), and Santa’s magic keys (P004089).

img_0396Sparkly tree with sophisticated gold ice balls (P005772), elegant gold glitter willow sprays (P003013), gold glitter white ash garlands (G401540/G), and gleaming tinsel.

davGleaming tree decorated with refined glass domes (802197), delicate lace glass baubles (P006892), elegant gold and silver glastic ice balls (P002087), silver glitter glastic baubles (P002061), and unique clear glass hanging test tubes (P007197).

davSophisticated frosted tree embellished with clear glass hanging test tubes (P007197), faceted glass baubles (221127), ice glass olives (P006898), and clear stripe baubles (P005789).

davWonderful tree enhanced with gold (P006879), rose gold (P006881), copper (P006882) and cherry red (P006880) glass hexagon dimple balls, rose gold porcelain stars (P006746), and copper glitter reindeers (P007238).

davEnchanting tree with delicate white baubles, sumptuous clear trinket box balls (P007205), elegant silver glastic ice balls (P002081), superb white (P007322) and silver (P007323) glitter starbursts, and stylish white porcelain stars (P006721).

davOriginal tree with red glass balls decorated with a golden flower (P006941), red glitter stipe baubles (P001878), black spike glass balls (P006934), and majestic feather brunch sprays (P008538).

davShiny tree decorated with elegant glass hanging drops (P007224), delicate silver glitter leaf garlands (P008365), and original leaf decoupage baubles (P007043).

btyNordic tree embellished with red glastic criss cross balls (P005779), white porcelain stars (P006739), white glass geometric drops (P006907), and electroplated deers (P007308).

btySuperb frosted tree ornamented with wonderful grey knitted balls (P007411), majestic silver glitter reindeers (P007245), lovely red glastic stripe baubles (P005786), and elegant white glass trees (P007186).

davBeautiful tree with green and red decorations: red tinsel, Christmas pattern decoupage baubles (P007050), clay dough elf hanging ornaments (P007565), and red elfs socks picks (P007373).

btyWinter tree enhanced with delicate white porcelain stars (P006739), adorable snowflake knit pattern decoupage balls (P007051), and delightful white wooden reindeer heads (P007526).

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