Product of the month: Candy Cane


50cm Candy Cane (P013442)

Introduced to keep children quiet during Church living reproductions of the Nativity, candy canes cannot be dissociated from winter festivities. Resembling shepherds’ crooks, these mouth-watering and captivating stick sweets, ornamented with red and white stripes, wonderfully embodies the gleeful and magical essence of Christmas. As a result, our traditional and immense candy cane hanging decoration will help you create a merry ambiance in your home.

Items seen on the picture:

7cm x 6 candy cane smartie (P013443)

56cm 2 asstd wooden Santa arrow signs (P012899)

72cm 2 asstd merry Christmas sacks (P009933)

12 x 6cm shiny/matt/glitter balls in box – red (P007976)

12 x 6cm shiny/matt/glitter balls in box – white (P007980)

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