Product of the month: Penguin Ball


7cm Decoupage Penguin Ball (P012535)

Merrily inhabiting Antarctica, penguins manage to enchant humans with their adorable appearance and their clumsy waddle. During Christmas holidays, the lovely polar animals tend to invade all the festive displays as they amazingly serve to reinforce the magic of winter. Our stylish decoupage bauble, ornamented with photographic penguins, will help you create a fabulous icy world dominated by mesmerising mysteries.

Items seen on the picture:

7cm photographic polar bear decoupage ball (P012543)

8cm 2 asstd snow writing decoupage balls (P011382)

8cm dark blue glittered glastic snowflake ball (P010853)

8cm glastic snowflake ice ball (P010849)

8.3cm glastic criss cross ball – light blue (P005782)

8cm dark blue glastic frost ball (P010841)

14cm acrylic clear flower ball (P011862)

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