Sid the Sprout

img_0887These last few years, Festive has become increasingly design-driven. For our 2017 range, our designers have outdone themselves and created an adorable character that will definitely enliven everyone’s Christmas, Sid the Sprout.

Sid is a lovely sprout who loves Christmas. Unfortunately, the jolly green sprout with goggle-eyes is not really popular. Treated as an inferior and worthless vegetable by the other kitchen occupiers, Sid is left alone most of the time. So when the lovely sprout is asking for help to find the Christmas spirit, he is faced with harsh rejection from Colin the carrot, Brian the broccoli, Sage the stuffing, and Percy the pig in blanket. However, Sid does not give up, and his perseverance leads him to his sprout friends, Stu and Sally, who are ready to celebrate Christmas in his company.

It is well known that sprouts, essential Christmas vegetables, receive mixed opinions. Sid’s story is here to remind us that sprouts matter and that no one should be rejected during Christmas time.

Festive iconic character, Sid, has been developed into a large variety of decorations, including fun sacks, cheery baubles, and lovely garlands.


1. 55 x 85cm 2 asstd Sid hessian sack (P012964)

2. 260cm Sid the Sprout bunting (P015357)

3. 8cm Sid the Sprout Decoupage Bauble (P015043)

4. 164cm standing Sid the Sprout (P015232)

5. 8cm Sid the Sprout with Santa Hat Decoupage Ball (P015042)

6. 8cm Sid the Sprout with Crown Decoupage Bauble (P015041)

7. Sid felt decorations (P012963)

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