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  1. Festive 2017 Licenced Collection

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    IMG_8508In 2017, Festive Productions is reinforcing its licencing agreements with Disney and Universal. Our new licenced collection, comprising Frozen, Disney Princess, Mickey and friends, and Minions, heavily rely on the current developments undertaken by both entertainment empires.

    Not only will princesses Elsa and Anna be back in the second opus of the popularly acclaimed Disney film, Frozen, the two sisters, from Arendelle, will also continue their magical adventures with Festive. Our 2017 Frozen range, including lovely hanging ornaments and twinkling tinsel, will enchant everybody this Christmas.

    IMG_8507With the release of Beauty and the Beast in March, the knowledgeable Belle is leading our 2017 Disney Princess collection with her own decorated Christmas tree. This year, Festive is more committed than ever to the Dream Big, Princess Campaign, dwelling on princesses’ qualities to empower young girls. Festive decorations, varying from figurines to baubles, highlight the inspiring qualities of these smart, adventurous, kind, and creative heroines.

    What would Disney be without its emblematic characters, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Donald Duck? The most famous mouse, accompanied with his lover and friends, will be at the core of our 2017 Disney range, designed to reinforce the traditional spirit of Christmas.

    IMG_8509Minions will joyfully enliven this summer as they will return to the new Universal animated film, Despicable Me 3. Minions are also staying in Festive to keep spreading happiness this Christmas. Our Minions decorations will bring incredible laughter and cute cheekiness in 2017.

  2. Why has Frozen been so popular?

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    p009009Let it go, let it go.’ How many times have you heard those three little words in the last years? If your answer is never, then you missed the Frozen-mania. Released in 2013, the Disney film has known an incredible success worldwide. Indeed, Frozen is now the ninth highest-grossing film, just before the Minions. Disney has even confirmed that there will be a sequel.

    The theatrical triumph of Frozen has impressively spread through the cultural life. This cultural assault has taken various forms. Here are some examples: more and more new-borns are named after the character of Elsa; video games featuring characters from the film have been released; Frozen products, such as figurines, mugs and towels have profitably invaded shops; and our company, Festive, has created a range of decorations based on the franchise, which has been a real success.

    The Frozenmania has well and truly developed in our society, and many reasons can be given to explain this global phenomenon. Here are some:



    1. The catchy songs

    The Frozen soundtrack is unanimously liked by the young public. The majority of the songs featured in the film are highly memorable. Once they are in your mind, they rarely leave. This is the case of the epic ‘Let it go’ which could be heard everywhere in 2014 and 2015. The screenwriter of the animated film, Jennifer Lee, even apologised to parents forced to listen to the hit sung by their children.


    1. The large range of characters

    Frozen revolves around characters with very different personality traits, giving children the opportunity to identify with at least one character. Whilst boys might not feel very close to Elsa or Anna, they are likely recognise themselves in Kristoff, the solitary iceman. This large cast also urges children to engage in role-plays.


    1. Sisterhood and feminism

    By focusing on the tumultuous but unbreakable relationship between Elsa and Anna, Frozen adroitly shows that family should always come first. The film also advocates endless support and loyalty between siblings, which is a positive message for young children who tend to imitate the behaviour of their favourite characters.

    Frozen, through its two main characters, Elsa and Anna, conveys important feminist ideologies. Whilst the elder sister is depicted as an independent and powerful individual, the younger sister is portrayed as a brave and smart woman. By undermining traditional stereotypes usually associated with femininity, both princesses are good role models for girls.


    1. The humour

    Humour is omnipresent in the film. Olaf, the adorable and irreverent snowman accompanying Anna on her captivating adventures has the extraordinary ability to make viewers laugh with his silly desire to live during summer. Also, the brief romance between Anna and Franz is explicitly mocked. Anna’s feelings, which appear out of the blue, are hilariously questioned by Elsa and Kristoff who do not believe in love at first sight.


    1. Elaborated plot with enjoyable twists

    The plot of Frozen is engaging and full of twists. Suspense is kept until the very end and nobody can predict how events will turn. Huge revelations are made throughout the film. Frozen does not deliver a simple plot and dares challenging its young public with a complex content. For example, whereas Elsa appears to be the villain at the start, she actually turns out to be a lost girl with low self-confidence who is trying to fit in society.


    Featured products:

    Frozen advent calendar (P009009)

    2 asstd Frozen large signs (P009014)

    Frozen decoupage tree topper (P009005)

    Plus & satin printed Elsa and Anna stocking (P009011)

    Printed decoupage Olaf (P005109)

    Printed decoupage Frozen characters (P009071)

  3. Festive reveals ‘A Picture Perfect Christmas’, at Harrogate Christmas & Gift 2016

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    Just as the new year is starting, Festive will be gearing up for the popular Harrogate Christmas and Gift trade show that we love to attend. Harrogate International Centre is hosting the Christmas and Gift 2016 show from Sunday 10th to Wednesday 13th January, 9am – 6pm Sunday to Tuesday and 9am – 4pm on Wednesday. Festive Productions will be there with our new theme of wholesale Christmas decorations, ‘A Picture Perfect Christmas’.

    harrogate christmas and gift Festive Productions

    What’s on our stand at Harrogate Christmas and Gift 2016?

    In January 2015 we took our showpiece Mini on the road as part of our ‘Home for Christmas’ theme. We even commissioned a toy Mini with a tiny Christmas tree on top, to match!

    Festive Productions Mini

    This year our theme is called ‘A Picture Perfect Christmas’ and the stand will include wonderful Scandinavian decorations – an endearing range of characters known as Christmas Gonks, with masses of woolly hair and big noses that peak out from under their knitted hats. Alongside traditional style decorations with a folk inspired twist, these wooden and felt designs are proving to be a popular alternative to the norm.

    Festive Productions Gonk

    We are also looking forward to revealing a spectacular range of Christmas lights for both indoors and outdoors. In particular, ‘Look no Plug’ is the Festive brand of Christmas lighting that is battery powered and fully weatherproof, guaranteed to last the whole of the festive season.

    And of course, Festive will be revealing our very latest licensed designs – a range of brand new wholesale Christmas decorations from our latest collaborations. For more details on just which licenses, you will have to visit our stand! Oh OK, here’s a sneak peek…

    Mickey and Friends

    A showcase of brand new, design led Christmas decorations, featuring the loveable characters everyone knows!

    Disney Christmas Mickey Mouse Christmas Baubles

    Disney Princesses

    Creating a magical world of dream princesses with our new line of Disney Christmas decorations.

     Disney Princess Christmas Decorations

    Disney’s Frozen – NEW FOR 2016

    Following the overwhelming popularity of 2015’s Disney Frozen range, we have created a whole new line for 2016…

    Disney Frozen Christmas Lights

    Disney Frozen Christmas Tree Hangers

    Why Festive loves Harrogate Christmas and Gift 2016

    As Christmas and Gift say themselves, “the UK are busily predicting ‘must have’ products for Christmas” and in this industry it starts in January.

    We love Harrogate’s Christmas and Gift because the show is held at the International Centre where the 13,700 square meters of exhibition space is filled with innovative and inspiring displays of every kind, for all the national celebrations. Of course Christmas is the reason we are there, but during breaks we like to visit the stands that showcase Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween and birthdays and weddings.

    Cassie Hedlund of Festive says, “Festive has been going to Harrogate for over 25 years and we love it more every year – the show organisers are great!”

    The buzz created by the events teams at Christmas and Gift in the lead up to the show always produces a terrific turn out of visitors. The atmosphere on the day is one of anticipation for holidays to come and excitement at the reveal of the latest trends and fashions in wholesale Christmas decorations and gifts.

    Cassie goes on to explain the reasons that Christmas and Gift, Harrogate is a favourite of theirs:

    “The show has a lovely intimate and truly Christmassy feel, the Christmas lights in Harrogate town are still up which helps set the scene perfectly, to showcase a new Christmas year for Festive.”

    Festive productions Harrogate Christmas and Gift

    For Christmas decoration wholesalers, Harrogate Christmas and Gift cannot be missed!

    Where you’ll find us

    Look out for Festive at stand C1 in Hall C. We are busy designing the floor plan and showpiece displays and with half of Hall C to fill, we are sure you will fulfil your every Christmas wholesale desire!

    Harrogate is a beautiful place to visit with lovely restaurants, bars and hotels. The history and surroundings of Harrogate is gorgeous. And Harrogate Christmas and Gift is a must, for any Christmas wholesaler!

    Harrogate Christmas and Gift Floor Plan

    Harrogate Christmas and Gift 2016

    Harrogate International Centre

  4. Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations available wholesale from Festive

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    Festive is proud to be the licence holder for Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations. We have produced an awe inspiring range, all available to display in eye catching units. Produced in 2013 Disney’s Frozen is still the highest ever grossing computer animated film and a firm favourite with audiences throughout the year but particularly at Christmas.

    Make sure your shoppers don’t miss out on this captivating range by ordering your Disney’s Frozen Christmas decoration selection soon.

    Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

    The full range of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations is available to view on Pinterest:

    Disney’s Frozen Christmas Pinterest Board by Festive


    Appealing to both boys and girls of all ages

    The box office figures speak for themselves. This is not just one of the most popular animated films, but the number one most popular. The target audience was initially girls between the ages of 2 and 12, with boys of the same age a secondary target. However, in the two years since release the film has proved immensely popular with audiences of all ages. Frozen has produced a top 5 hit chart single with ‘Let it Go’ and gained an ever growing following on YouTube with numerous parodies and lip sync videos boasting millions of ‘hits’.

    A second movie, known only as ‘Frozen 2’ at this juncture is currently under way and whilst there is no official release date yet, the phenomena that is Disney’s Frozen can only continue.

    Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

    With a following as big and with so many advocates as this, Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations are set to prove hugely popular for many years to come.


    Striking display solutions for Disney’s Frozen Christmas range

    The display units have been specifically designed to be compact so as not to impose on your existing point of sale displays or on your shoppers, yet they are spacious enough to contain a sizeable display of spectacular Frozen decorations.

    The reinforced cardboard displays are easy to erect and lightweight enough to be repositioned when needed. The first of our units features four shelves to showcase items, space above the top shelf for hanging smaller items and further hanging room down the exterior side panels, this striking display solution is effective on both cost to you and on presentation for your shoppers.

    Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

    Alongside this shelf-type display stand you can showcase the co-ordinating tinsel from the Disney’s Frozen range, in an equally striking unit:

    Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations

    Extensive range of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations

    Featuring the familiar and loveable characters of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven and Hans your display will capitalise on the enduring popularity of the most successful animated movie of all time, with an extensive range of Christmas decorations all in the popular theme of Disney’s Frozen.

    Some of the most popular items from the Frozen Christmas decoration range include:

    Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations, Frozen Baubles

    1: Disney’s Frozen Smartie Baubles

    Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations, Frozen Baubles

    2: Disney’s Frozen Princess pack of Christmas Baubles

    Disney's Frozen Christmas Decorations, Frozen Statues, Frozen Figures

       3: Disney’s Frozen Christmas Figurines

       The full range of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations is available to view on Pinterest or in this presentation:

    Disney’s Frozen Christmas Decorations from Festive

    Disney’s Frozen Christmas Pinterest Board by Festive

    Regional sales

    Our sales teams cover the length and breadth of the UK and southern Ireland. For more information about Festive productions Ltd in your area, please see the map and contacts list. All our sales contacts are happy to discuss any of the ranges available from Festive. Feel free to get in touch.