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  1. Festive Elves

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    Making their first appearance in a book published in 1856, Christmas elves are tiny magical creatures known for helping Santa. Not only do they make toys, they also look after the majestic reindeers and discreetly spy on children to determine the nice and naughty lists. These lovely dwarf-like characters, with long and pointy ears, are perfect to reinforce the gleeful spirit of Christmas.

    Due to their central place in the Christmas mythology, elves have gained a prominent place in Festive wholesale range throughout the years. Our delightful hanging ornaments, tabletop and room decorations, shaped into lovely elves, are designed to provoke laugh and merrily enliven any home.


    1. 15cm hanging elf gonk (P013613)

    2. 22cm 2 asstd elf table decorations (P008673)

    3. 9.5cm clay dough elf head hanging ornament (P007567)

    4. 11.4cm claydough elf with present (P007886)

    5. 25cm 2 asstd wooden wreaths with felt elves (P007713)

    6. 20cm elf hanging ornament (P007700)

    7. 30cm standing elf decoration (P014939)

    8. 19cm 2 asstd hanging elf decorations (P012921)

    9. 30cm elf door stopper (P007369)

    10. 9cm cool elf decoration (P015154)

    11. 11cm 2 asstd claydough elf decorations (P013741)

    12. 60cm 2 asstd standing elves (P012920)

  2. Festive Plush Pals

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    Festive plush collection has considerably expanded this year. Whilst new adorable animals have been added in our fabulous range, creatures already composing our line, have welcomed more relatives. Traditional Christmas characters, including our Scandinavian Santas (gonks), have seen their recruits increase. Furthermore, many of our new plush pals have been conceived by our talented design team.

    New arrivals can be noticed in our fantastic plush range. Cheeky foxes, lovely sheep, wonderful raccoons, and imperial owls have recently shown up at Festive to merrily enliven Christmas.


    1. 19cm plush owl with scarf – black and white (P013348)

    2. 30cm plush sheep (P015282)

    3. 25cm grey plush raccoon with scarf (P010223)

    4. 56cm standing fox with fur jumper (P010465)

    5. 18cm grey and white skiing owl (P010461)

    6. 53cm tartan sitting foxes (P013588)

    Our marvellous reindeers, bears, and mice have also seen their family expand this year.


    1. 27cm brown plush reindeer with hat and scarf (P010221)

    2. 35cm white plush polar bear (P015281)

    3. 43cm standing grey fur trim reindeer (P013536)

    4. 30cm cream plush bear with sweater (P010224)

    5. 65cm wobble reindeer (P015168)

    6. 53cm standing fluffy reindeer (P013620)

    7. 30cm plush bear with Santa hat (P015023)

    8. 50cm red and white mouse with dangly legs (P010463)

    9. 26cm plush reindeer with scarf – white / grey (P013347)

    10. 100cm wobble mouse (P014788)

    In 2017, Festive is introducing more Santas, snowmen, elves, and gonks. These cheery characters are perfect to embody the jolly spirit of Christmas.


    1. 50cm 2 asstd boy and girl snowflake snowmen (P013576)

    2. 78cm wobble gonk (P015165)

    3. 47cm grey wobble gonk (P015170)

    4. 170cm standing Santa with extendable legs (P013581)

    5. 57cm 2 asstd extendable leg heart and star gonk (P013606)

    6. 56cm Nordic cone Santa (P013564)

    7. 87cm 2 asstd extendable furry gonks (P013634)

    8. 60cm 2 asstd standing elves (P012920)

    9. 68cm tumble gonk (P014787)

    10. 66cm leatherette gonk (P015609)

    Our new plush collection has greatly benefited from the expertise of Festive designers. Our home-designed reindeers and gonks are ideal to bring an ounce of glee and originality to any décor.


    1. 65cm standing reindeer with faux fur (P007834)

    2. 130cm grey fur trim reindeer with extendable legs (P013534)

    3. 170cm standing grey fur trim reindeer (P013538)

    4. 67cm standing white fur trim reindeer (P013531)

    5. 35cm reindeer gonk (P013608)

    6. 30cm Santa gonk on sleigh (P013612)

    7. 53cm elf gonk (P013616)

    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  3. What to do in December 2016 in Wales

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    Not only is December the most festive month of the year, it is also a very lively period during which there are many cheery family activities to do. And, Wales is a great place to get into the Christmas spirit!



    Illuminated Gardens

    When: 25th November – 11th December, 5pm – 8:30pm

    Where: Powys, Powis Castle

    How much: Child – £2.60/£3.35 / Adult – £5.20/£6.70

    Website: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/whats-on

    The illumination of the castle gardens, courtyards, and terraces, is mesmerising. You will definitely be in awe at the gleaming lights enchanting the wintery night.

    Santa’s Post Office

    When: 27th November – 18th December

    Where: Cardiff Bay

    How much: Free

    Website: https://www.wherecanwego.com/event/1058515-santas-post-office/events.aspx

    Make sure your children get a reply from Santa by bringing them to the Post Office in Mermaid Quay. There, children will be helped by elves to write their letter to Father Christmas.



    Santa’s Toy Mine

    When: 27th November – 24th December

    Where: Rhondda Heritage Park

    How much: Child – £8.95/£9.95 / Adult – £5.45/£6.45 / Under 3 years – £7.45/£8.45

    Website: http://www.rctcbc.gov.uk

    Join Santa in his exciting underground adventures. And, whilst children will be rewarded with presents, adults will receive mince pies and hot beverages.

    Yuletide Tours

    When: 2nd/9th/16th December, 11:30am – 12:30pm

    Where: Newport, Tredegar House

    How much: £8.00

    Website: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/whats-on

    Yuletide Tours will give you the opportunity to discover the Tredegar House beautifully adorned with Christmas decorations. You will also learn more about Charles Morgan and his enchanting tales.

    Coral Welsh Grand National

    When: 3rd December

    Where: Chepstow

    How much: From £20.00 if booked / £22.00 on the day / Pie & pint package – £25.00

    Website: http://www.chepstow-racecourse.co.uk/

    Spend the festive season at Chepstow races betting on your favourite horses. Who knows? December might be your lucky month! A day at the races is also the opportunity to show off your most sophisticated outfit and impress the elite society.

    Choir of the year

    When: 3rd December, 5pm – 8pm

    Where: Cardiff, Wales Millenium Centre

    How much: £17.50 – £31.50

    Website: http://www.choiroftheyear.com/

    Discover the 6 talented finalists of the most renowned choirs in the UK. They will harmoniously compete in front of expert judges who will choose the 2016 winner.

    Santa Claus dressed in his home clothes sitting in the room by the fireplace and Christmas tree. He is reading a list of good boys and girls. Christmas. Decoration.


    Santa’s Grotto in Cardiff Castle

    When: 3rd/4th/10th/11th/17th/23rd December

    Where: Cardiff Castle

    How much: 1 child + 2 accompanying adults: £10.95 / Additional adults: £12.00

    Website: http://www.cardiffcastle.com/whats-on/2016/11/26/santas-grotto/

    Santa will be patiently waiting for all the well-behaved children in the enchanting Black Tower of Cardiff Castle. Do not forget to capture this marvellous moment on your camera.

    The Snowman

    When: 4th – 6th December

    Where: Cardiff, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

    How much: £10.00

    Website: http://www.visitcardiff.com/events/the-snowman/

    Created by Raymond Briggs, The Snowman focuses on the nocturnal adventures of an alive snowman and his human friend. The acclaimed story will be on screen and enhanced with live orchestra



    Christmas Snowsongs

    When: 4th – 6th December, 1pm – 3pm

    Where: Cardiff, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

    How much: Free

    Website: http://www.visitcardiff.com/events/christmas-snowsongs/

    Many talented vocalists will enliven festivities by brilliantly performing gleeful songs. The show will take place near a majestic Christmas tree.

    Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway

    When: 10th/11th/17th/18th/22nd/23rd December

    Where: Porthmadog, Beddgelert, and Dinas

    How much: Adult and child (over 2 years old) – 1st class – £17.00/£18.00 / 3rd class – £12.50/£13.00 / Child (under 2 years old): £3.00

    Website: http://www.festrail.co.uk/content/publish/specialevents/169.shtml

    Santa and his hard working elves will go on a railway tour around Western Wales. Departing from Porthmadog, Beddgelert, and Dinas, Santa trains will give your children the opportunity to meet Father Christmas and get presents from him.

    Christmas Celebrations

    When: 17th December

    Where: Cardiff, St David’s Hall

    How much: From £10.00

    Website: http://www.visitcardiff.com/events/christmas-celebrations-2/

    Get into the merry mood with a lively musical spectacle reuniting your Christmas favourites. The show is guaranteed to please everybody in the family.

    Tea Party with Santa

    When: 17th-20th December, 11am/1pm/3pm

    Where: Cardiff, St Fagans National History Museum

    How much: £14.00

    Website: https://museum.wales/stfagans/whatson/9083/Tea-Party-with-Father-Christmas/

    Santa, accompanied with Mrs Claus and friendly elves, will host delightful tea parties in Cardiff. They will share their exceptional stories and give your children incredible presents.



    Tendy Boxing Day Swim

    When: 26th December, 10am – 4pm

    Where: Tenby, Pembrokeshire

    How much: Free

    Website: http://www.tenbyboxingdayswim.co.uk/

    Instead of spending your boxing day wandering around crowded shops, you could join in this fun charity fund raising event. Your mission will consist in running into the cold sea wearing your fanciest outfit.

    Mari Llwyd & New Year Walk In

    When: 31st December, 10:30pm

    Where: Llanwrtyd Wells – Town Square

    How much: Free entry – Torch: £3.00

    Website: http://www.green-events.co.uk/events.html?id=61

    Do not hesitate to take part in this ancient Welsh tradition by participating in the parade led by a skull of horse attached to a pole.