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  1. Festive Cosmic display at Harrogate

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    During the renowned Harrogate Christmas & Gift tradeshow, Festive merrily exhibits its original and innovative Christmas decorations. Our delightful decorative items are often categorised into fabulous themes and trends, defining the celebratory season. This year, Festive has surprised and impressed visitors with its Cosmic range, dedicated to the fascinating scientific world. Our captivating and atypical décor manages to harmoniously combine the rigorous realm of science with the gleeful spirit of Christmas. This incredible association is supported and reinforced by key features making science cheerfully stylish. Our Cosmic display at Harrogate proves that everything is possible with some imagination.

    IMG_6834Trend Highlights

    Our fantastic décor is enhanced by essential trendy elements, embodying the scientific sphere. Our Christmas tree is wonderfully adorned with items coming from where some of the magic happens, the laboratory. Our enchanting Cosmic display is composed of decorations representing the micro and macro dimensions of our universe. To produce our innovative décor, we have imitated particles like atoms and cell structures, as well as explored the endless galaxy.

    Get our Cosmic look from Harrogate

    Our marvellous Cosmic tree is ornamented with delightful components from the scientific lab, such as our sparkly glass cubes featuring periodic table elements.


    4cm gold glitter cube dec with periodic decal (P011892)

    4cm silver glitter cube dec with periodic decal (P011893)

    4cm copper glitter cube dec with periodic decal (P011891)

    Our original display puts micro molecules in the spotlight. Festive decoupage baubles are impressively decorated with realistic and detailed cell structures.


    7cm 3 asstd decoupage cell structure balls (P012537)


    15cm x 3 dark iridescent balls (P013401)

    Finally, our Cosmic décor focuses on elements composing our intriguing galaxy. Our ornaments are shaped into lovely stars, and planets.


    7cm 2 asstd decoupage cosmic balls (P012536)


    8cm purple and silver planet ball (P013960)


    7cm silver glass sputnik (P012692)

    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  2. Festive will exhibit its 2017 decorations at NEC

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    After participating in Harrogate Christmas & Gift, Festive will be present at the Spring Fair NEC, taking place in Birmingham from Sunday 5th to Thursday 9th February 2017.

    There, we will showcase our new products including home-designed decoupage baubles, app controlled lights, gigantic Santas, ornaments made of paper, and our Festive train. NEC will also be the occasion for us to unveil our exciting themes and trends, such as Nordic Forest, Orelia, and Harmony.

    Our friendly and experienced staff will merrily welcome you at stand 2E30-F, H30-J31, F30-H.

     For more information, please see below:


  3. NEW: Festive Laser & LED Projectors

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    Festive 2017 lighting range is full of spectacular innovations. This year, we are introducing outstanding light projectors, designed to brightly enliven the outdoor walls of any house.

    Outdoor Christmas lighting displays can be impressive. Gardens covered with twinkling lights are likely to catch the attention of passers-by. Not only do outdoor Christmas lights arouse admiration and wonderment, they also reinforce the festive spirit attached to the holidays. Adorned with powerfully bright lights, your house and garden will definitely stand out!

    With Festive light projectors, it is now possible to illuminate the façade of your house. Our new range is composed of laser and LED projectors. Whilst the former serve to produce trendy and modern light shows with geometrical shapes, the latter releases cheery and colourful Christmas symbols, including snowflakes, snowmen, candy canes, and reindeers.


    1. Cosmic laser projector – blue/green (P015216)

    2. Laser Projector – Red & Green (P011469)

    3. Multi-function laser projector – red and green (P011470)


    1. LED projector with 5 changeable slides (P014871)

    2. Outdoor led projector – snowflake design (P014300)

    3. Outdoor led projector – design 3 (P014302)

  4. Festive reveals its ‘Christmas Delivered’ range at Harrogate Christmas & Gift 2017

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    1The renowned trade show, Harrogate Christmas & Gift, has just started and Festive is already arousing interest with its exciting 2017 range of decorations, unveiled at stand C1.

    h4New themes and trends

    This year, Festive is showcasing 4 wonderful and unique Christmas themes, likely to thrill everyone. Whilst Christmas Jubilation celebrates the British culture, Nordic Forest puts the spotlight on Scandinavian peaceful woods. Our two other themes are Orelia, dominated by gold and geometric decorations, and Arctic Ice, reproducing the enchanting ambiance found in the polar hemispheres.

    Along with these themes, Festive is exhibiting 3 design trends: Cosmic, looking at the micro elements and macro picture of our universe; Harmony, focusing on well-being and inner happiness; and Playful dwelling on humour and bright colours.


    1. 20cm Frozen star Tree Topper (P005119)

    2. 12cm belle princess standing figurine (P015691)

    3. 49cm x 30cm mickey plush stocking (P009023)

    4. 59cm x 27cm minion santa stop sign (P009213)

    Licenced collection

    Building on the success of our 2016 range, our 2017 licenced collection is more magical than ever.

    With the confirmed release of Frozen 2, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are staying in Festive to continue to delight everybody’s Christmas.

    This year, our Disney Princess range particularly focuses on Belle, coinciding with the arrival of Beauty and the Beast onto our screens in March. Also, Festive is reinforcing its commitment to the Dream Big, Princess Campaign, highlighting the qualities of Disney heroines to empower young girls.

    Mickey and his friends, the most iconic Disney characters, remain at the core of our collection.

    Minions are ready to brighten this summer by starring in Despicable Me 3. In the meantime, Festive presents its Minions decorations, designed to bring joy this Christmas.


    1. 20cm sid door stopper (P012962)

    2. 7cm ceramic – believe – bauble (P012229)

    3. 9cm laser cut acrylic atom – silver (P013319)

    4. 7cm decoupage Welsh icon ball (P012533)

    5. 9cm Scottish penguin (P010554)

    Decorations designed by Festive

    2017 is marked by the extension of our ‘Designed by Festive’ range. This year, we are introducing a fun and lovely character created by our designers, Sid the sprout who is looking for the Christmas spirit. The Festive touch can also be seen amongst our decoupage baubles and various hanging ornaments.


    1. 30cm white paper hanging decoration (P011926)

    2. 11cm 2d tartan fan effect angel decoration (P013823)

    3. 8.5cm 3d turquoise paper decoration with jewel (P013091)

    4. 7.5cm 3d white and gold pleated paper decoration (P013092)

    Unique and innovative products

    Every year, Festive strives to offer innovative and original decorations. 2017 is no exception. In addition to comical items, we are displaying graceful decorations made of sophisticated paper.

    Our innovation minds can especially be found in our lighting range. This year, we are showing off our dual power lights and powerful laser projectors.


    1. Laser Projector – Red & Green (P011469)

    2. Outdoor led projector – design 3 (P014302)

    Harrogate Christmas & Gift lasts until Wednesday 11th January 2017. Do not hesitate to pay us a visit at stand C1.

  5. Outdoor Christmas Décor

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    fibre-optics-7During Christmas, showing off a stunning and sparkly outdoor lighting décor is the opportunity to publicly make a strong and bold statement. Not only can a festive garden scenery sprinkled with gleaming lights make your house look welcoming, an outstanding twinkling outdoor design will impress anybody approaching your home. So get your front garden dressed for Christmas!

    Before adorning your garden with shiny and merry lights, it is essential to be prepared. Firstly, the weather in your area is to be taken into account. If it usually rains or snows in December, it is advised to choose sturdy decorations able to resist any disturbances. Secondly, you have to measure your outside surface, including your fences and roof. Thirdly, you cannot start ornamenting your garden without having a clear idea of what you want. Three main themes are often distinguished: traditional cheer which celebrates the festive spirit attached to Christmas, winter wonderland celebrating a fantasised and stylish North Pole, and glamour glow where refinement and delicacy are favoured. In general and no matter what theme you go for, remember that less is more.

    Traditional cheer

    If you choose to create a décor reflecting traditional cheer, vivid colours, such as red and green, have to be used. The aim here is to produce a design featuring classical and gleeful lighting decorations.

    Colourful inflatables shaped into Santa Claus and other Christmas symbols are perfect to enliven your outdoor lighting décor and amuse your neighbours.


    If you are not seduced by inflatables, acrylic can be amazing alternative decorations as they lively enough to brightly spread extraordinary glee in and beyond your home.


    Neon Christmassy shapes are ideal to publicly share your festive spirit!


    Majestic trees, inhabited by colourful and gleaming lights, will definitely adorn your garden with a splash of bright and vivid shades.


    Pathways are essential spots to illuminate with exceptional cheer! Ornament your walkways with shiny and amusing signs, canes, and glossy fibre optic mini trees.



    When decorating your garden, do not forget to enhance your gates, fences and naked trees already present. You can add a Nordic touch by hanging twinkling and colourful ornaments shaped into Christmas symbols.


    Your house roof needs to be ornamented with glee to give the impression you are living in a ginger bread house. So, do not hesitate to brighten up your roof by placing lights mirroring the celebratory essence of Christmas.


    Winter Wonderland

    A décor reproducing a Winter Wonderland is recognisable with its glacial colours, such as white, blue and purple, representing the cold associated with winter. Animals, and notably penguins, as well as stars, snowflakes and icicles are key to construct an enchanting and frosty scene outside your house.

    Acrylic decorations moulded into lovely animals can be placed outside your house to plunge your garden in winter’s magic.


    Ropelights formed into northern and cosmic patterns can enchant your garden with exceptional brightness.


    Superb trees with icicle lights instead of bare branches are ideal to give the impression your garden is being invaded by mesmerising stalactites.


    Sprinkle your pathways with gleaming snowflakes, whirling stars, and polar trees.


    Create glowing constellations in your garden by attaching stars and snowflakes on your gates, fences, or trees.


    Give an icy look to the outside of your house by adorning your house roof with white lights shaped into cascades of icicles.


    Glamour glow

    With glamour glow, you can bring extraordinary warmth to your garden by using warm white lights, and decorations dominated by red and brown tones. Your outdoor décor, mixing delicacy with chic, does not need extravagant lights or decorations. So, keep your design simple by using classical lights and ornaments.

    Favour items composed of convivial colours, like red and gold, as they are likely to finely warm up your garden.


    You can warm up your outdoor décor with twinkling ropelights creating highly cherished Christmas symbols.


    When decorating your outdoors, avoid bushy trees, and choose delicate trees ornamented with warm white lights.


    Illuminate your bushes and pathways with sophisticated lights, and evergreen trees decorated with warm white lights for a classy golden look.


    Your fences, gates and trees can be greatly embellished with incredible encircling light chains.


    Make the roof of your house look prestigious with luxurious and glamourous warm white lights.


  6. What to do in December 2016 in Wales

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    Not only is December the most festive month of the year, it is also a very lively period during which there are many cheery family activities to do. And, Wales is a great place to get into the Christmas spirit!



    Illuminated Gardens

    When: 25th November – 11th December, 5pm – 8:30pm

    Where: Powys, Powis Castle

    How much: Child – £2.60/£3.35 / Adult – £5.20/£6.70

    Website: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/whats-on

    The illumination of the castle gardens, courtyards, and terraces, is mesmerising. You will definitely be in awe at the gleaming lights enchanting the wintery night.

    Santa’s Post Office

    When: 27th November – 18th December

    Where: Cardiff Bay

    How much: Free

    Website: https://www.wherecanwego.com/event/1058515-santas-post-office/events.aspx

    Make sure your children get a reply from Santa by bringing them to the Post Office in Mermaid Quay. There, children will be helped by elves to write their letter to Father Christmas.



    Santa’s Toy Mine

    When: 27th November – 24th December

    Where: Rhondda Heritage Park

    How much: Child – £8.95/£9.95 / Adult – £5.45/£6.45 / Under 3 years – £7.45/£8.45

    Website: http://www.rctcbc.gov.uk

    Join Santa in his exciting underground adventures. And, whilst children will be rewarded with presents, adults will receive mince pies and hot beverages.

    Yuletide Tours

    When: 2nd/9th/16th December, 11:30am – 12:30pm

    Where: Newport, Tredegar House

    How much: £8.00

    Website: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/whats-on

    Yuletide Tours will give you the opportunity to discover the Tredegar House beautifully adorned with Christmas decorations. You will also learn more about Charles Morgan and his enchanting tales.

    Coral Welsh Grand National

    When: 3rd December

    Where: Chepstow

    How much: From £20.00 if booked / £22.00 on the day / Pie & pint package – £25.00

    Website: http://www.chepstow-racecourse.co.uk/

    Spend the festive season at Chepstow races betting on your favourite horses. Who knows? December might be your lucky month! A day at the races is also the opportunity to show off your most sophisticated outfit and impress the elite society.

    Choir of the year

    When: 3rd December, 5pm – 8pm

    Where: Cardiff, Wales Millenium Centre

    How much: £17.50 – £31.50

    Website: http://www.choiroftheyear.com/

    Discover the 6 talented finalists of the most renowned choirs in the UK. They will harmoniously compete in front of expert judges who will choose the 2016 winner.

    Santa Claus dressed in his home clothes sitting in the room by the fireplace and Christmas tree. He is reading a list of good boys and girls. Christmas. Decoration.


    Santa’s Grotto in Cardiff Castle

    When: 3rd/4th/10th/11th/17th/23rd December

    Where: Cardiff Castle

    How much: 1 child + 2 accompanying adults: £10.95 / Additional adults: £12.00

    Website: http://www.cardiffcastle.com/whats-on/2016/11/26/santas-grotto/

    Santa will be patiently waiting for all the well-behaved children in the enchanting Black Tower of Cardiff Castle. Do not forget to capture this marvellous moment on your camera.

    The Snowman

    When: 4th – 6th December

    Where: Cardiff, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

    How much: £10.00

    Website: http://www.visitcardiff.com/events/the-snowman/

    Created by Raymond Briggs, The Snowman focuses on the nocturnal adventures of an alive snowman and his human friend. The acclaimed story will be on screen and enhanced with live orchestra



    Christmas Snowsongs

    When: 4th – 6th December, 1pm – 3pm

    Where: Cardiff, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

    How much: Free

    Website: http://www.visitcardiff.com/events/christmas-snowsongs/

    Many talented vocalists will enliven festivities by brilliantly performing gleeful songs. The show will take place near a majestic Christmas tree.

    Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway

    When: 10th/11th/17th/18th/22nd/23rd December

    Where: Porthmadog, Beddgelert, and Dinas

    How much: Adult and child (over 2 years old) – 1st class – £17.00/£18.00 / 3rd class – £12.50/£13.00 / Child (under 2 years old): £3.00

    Website: http://www.festrail.co.uk/content/publish/specialevents/169.shtml

    Santa and his hard working elves will go on a railway tour around Western Wales. Departing from Porthmadog, Beddgelert, and Dinas, Santa trains will give your children the opportunity to meet Father Christmas and get presents from him.

    Christmas Celebrations

    When: 17th December

    Where: Cardiff, St David’s Hall

    How much: From £10.00

    Website: http://www.visitcardiff.com/events/christmas-celebrations-2/

    Get into the merry mood with a lively musical spectacle reuniting your Christmas favourites. The show is guaranteed to please everybody in the family.

    Tea Party with Santa

    When: 17th-20th December, 11am/1pm/3pm

    Where: Cardiff, St Fagans National History Museum

    How much: £14.00

    Website: https://museum.wales/stfagans/whatson/9083/Tea-Party-with-Father-Christmas/

    Santa, accompanied with Mrs Claus and friendly elves, will host delightful tea parties in Cardiff. They will share their exceptional stories and give your children incredible presents.



    Tendy Boxing Day Swim

    When: 26th December, 10am – 4pm

    Where: Tenby, Pembrokeshire

    How much: Free

    Website: http://www.tenbyboxingdayswim.co.uk/

    Instead of spending your boxing day wandering around crowded shops, you could join in this fun charity fund raising event. Your mission will consist in running into the cold sea wearing your fanciest outfit.

    Mari Llwyd & New Year Walk In

    When: 31st December, 10:30pm

    Where: Llanwrtyd Wells – Town Square

    How much: Free entry – Torch: £3.00

    Website: http://www.green-events.co.uk/events.html?id=61

    Do not hesitate to take part in this ancient Welsh tradition by participating in the parade led by a skull of horse attached to a pole.

  7. Best Christmas markets in the UK

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    No need to wait for Christmas day to experience its magic! November marks the start of a highly appreciated festive tradition in Europe with the arrival of Christmas markets. These Christmas-themed street fairs, where hand crafted presents, handmade decorations, hot beverages, and exotic food can be found are definitely worth visiting. Originally from Germany, Christmas markets have managed throughout the years to spread to other countries of Europe, including the UK. Here are some outstanding national markets.


    Bath Xmas Market (24th November – 11th December 2016)

    Nested between Bath Abbey and Roman baths, Bath Christmas Market, composed of around 170 wooden stalls, is truly enchanting with its mesmerising light displays and jolly carols enlivening the busy streets. The majority of stallholders are businesses from Bath! There, a large array of Christmassy products, varying from traditional mulled wine and mince pies to wooden ties and handmade glass ornaments, is available for the greatest pleasure of visitors. Bath Xmas Market, comprising a Santa’s Grotto and a wonderful ice rink, embodies the traditional spirit attached to Christmas. (picture by Telegraph)


    Leeds Christkindelmarkt (11th November – 18th December 2016)

    Inspired by German culture, the 40 wooden chalet stalls inhabiting Leeds Millennium Square, are prestigious pavilions housing beautifully handcrafted toys, cheery Christmas cards, and Germanic culinary specialities such as gluhwein, bratwurst sausages, goulash, and schnitzels. Not only is Leeds’ main place joyfully invaded by Bavarian music, the British city also hosts a festive bierkeller. So if you cannot afford a trip to Germany to live an authentic Christmas market experience, Leeds appears to be the perfect alternative. (picture by Resort Guides)


    Manchester Christmas Markets (10th November – 20th December 2016)

    With more than 300 stalls spread across city centre, Manchester Christmas Market is one of the largest in the UK. From November, Manchester becomes the place where national and international producers meet to sell their fabulous festive products including handmade leather bags, adorable bonsai trees, fragrant French soaps, and Belgian kitchen utensils. This diversity is also found in the food offered on the gigantic and gleeful market. Whilst carnivores can eat Hungarian goulash and Spanish paella, meat free dishes are also available. (picture by Mike Peel)


    Salisbury Christmas Market (24th November – 18th December 2016)

    Salisbury is a graceful city which shelters around 75 pavilions offering fantastic goodies, stylish decorations, delicious drinks, and exquisite dishes. Resembling a magical Winter Wonderland, the medieval cathedral city is brightened thanks to lovely reindeers, live music and gleeful carols. Salisbury Christmas Market is also particularly known for its captivating and twinkling lantern parade. (picture by Wiltshire Council)


    Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market (18th November – 20th December 2016)

    Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2016, Winchester Cathedral German style Christmas Market is purely unavoidable with its unique homewares, wonderful accessories, tasty cheeses, and mouth-watering sourdough toasts. The main attraction of Winchester Christmas Market undeniably remains its impressive real ice rink which amusingly thrills children and adults whilst creating a magical ambiance. (picture by Winchester Cathedral)


    Glasgow Christmas Market (10th November – 22nd December 2016)

    In November, St Enoch Square becomes an attractive global affair centre with its stunning Christmas market. Whilst traders mainly come from the UK and European nations, others arrive from more unexpected places, such as Ecuador. This delightful combination of nationalities give visitors the opportunity to discover foreign goods peacefully cohabiting with national products, including mulled wine, German beers, mince pies and French crêpes. (picture by Telegraph)


    Caerphilly Medieval Christmas Market (10th – 11th December 2016)

    Caerphilly Christmas market is the ideal event to take you back to the Middle Ages. Visitors are always amazed by the 100 stalls proposing atypical products like goat milk soap. In addition to the traditional Santa’s Grotto and funky street theatre, the medieval castle is a marvellous place to get totally immersed in the old times. (picture by Earthtorch)


    Nottingham Christmas Market and Ice Rink Winter Wonderland (19th November – 24th December 2016)

    This Victorian-style Christmas market shows off 2 huge covered winter bars where succulent beverages, including mulled wine, ales, spiced ciders, and soft drinks, are happily served to visitors in quest for some conviviality and warmth. Nottingham Christmas market is the epitome of the festive winter spirit with its imperial Christmas trees, religious Nativity scenes, sparkly lights, fun rides, and immense real ice rink. (picture by Telegraph)


    Belfast Christmas Continental Market (19th November – 22nd December 2016)

    Belfast Christmas market, occurring in the city hall near the luxurious gardens, is the most cosmopolitan fair organised in the UK! Gathering stallholders from abroad, Northern Ireland capital offers a stunning kaleidoscope of the world through culinary specialities such as Italian nougats, French tarts, and Belgian renowned chocolates. Meat lovers can also experience the taste of alligators and kangaroos! (picture by Frenchgirltravel WordPress)


    Swansea Christmas Market and Waterfront Winterland (18th November 2016 – 8th January 2017)

    The Welsh city is definitely the centre of amusement and laughter. Visitors can try intriguing specialities like seaweed gin and camel burgers, at the Christmas markets. Also, children and the young at heart will find happiness in ice skating and exciting rides, in the charming land conjugating the playfulness of the sea with the quietness of winter. (picture by Telegraph)

  8. Look No Plug! Battery Powered Christmas lights by Festive

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    Festive introduce the new patented technology in battery powered Christmas lighting – Look No Plug! Lights your Christmas shoppers are bound to be enthralled by.

    Battery powered Christmas lights, Look No Plug

    What’s different about Look No Plug Christmas lights?

    Battery powered Christmas lights are nothing new, even when fitted with a timer. So what is different about Look No Plug? The new patented technology means that the timer controls the power, turning the lights on at the same time every day, for a six hour period at a time. Good for saving battery life, but still not that new…

    Battery powered Christmas lights, Look No Plug

    Most timer controlled Christmas lights last happily for up to 30 days, but can often fall short of this. Look No Plug Christmas lights however, last an incredible 60 days on a single set of batteries! And if you’re thinking the batteries required must be enormous, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just four regular AA batteries or three D cell batteries will bring Christmassy luminosity for the whole festive season. That means you can light your Christmas displays from the very beginning of the wholesale season without changing the batteries before you shut down for Christmas. And your customers can put them up for their bonfire night celebrations and they’ll still be going strong for their New Year’s Eve parties!

    Look No Plug, Battery powered Christmas lights

    Christmas lights for indoor and outdoor use

    What’s more, Look No Plug Christmas lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles, including ‘pathfinder’ loops and faceted globe strings, complimenting carefully designed decorations and welcoming visitors at the threshold. The weather proof battery box means the power source can be tucked behind a planter or under a shrub, eliminating the need for wires to be dangerously passed through letter boxes or windows.

    Battery powered Christmas lights, icicle lights, Look No Plug

    Easy to install Christmas lights and economical

    Look No Plug Christmas lights are easy for you to install in your wholesale displays and come with a free screwdriver to aid you in your endeavours. There’s even a range of USB Christmas lights, for the ultimate in easy cash-desk decorating!

    Battery powered Christmas lights, coloured Christmas lights, Look No plug

    And once you’ve got them up, there’s no need to worry about power consumption. The patented technology that is used in Look No Plug Christmas lights means they are cheaper to run than mains powered lights and brighter than solar powered alternatives.

    Batter powered Christmas lights, power consumption, Look No Plug

    Look No Plug Christmas lights in summary

    It’s simple to see that Look No Plug Christmas lights are perfect for you as Christmas wholesalers when organising your displays and perfect for your customers when lighting their home:

    • Weatherproof battery box
    • Eight different light functions
    • Will last the whole festive season
    • Uses 4x AA batteries or 3x D batteries
    • Timer – 6 hours on | 18 hours off
    • Lasts 45 days on static | 60 days on flashing
    • Test certificates for battery duration
    • Free screwdriver in every pack
    • Pallet deals for Christmas wholesalers

    The whole Look No Plug Christmas lights range is available to view in our on-line catalogue, along with details on our pallet deals for Christmas wholesalers. If you require further advice or would like to arrange a visit from one of our sales representatives, please get in touch with one of our regional sales managers.