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  1. Festive in print… The Lady Magazine – December 2015

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    In December 2015, Festive had the pleasure to welcome Melonie Clarke, journalist for the prestigious Lady Magazine. Melonie had the privilege to learn the well-kept secrets surrounding our colourful and shiny tinsel, essential to merrily embellish any Christmas tree.

    Arrived in our enchanting tinsel realm, Melonie learnt that Festive has been producing tinsel since 1983. Festive is now the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK, with 12 million metres successfully produced every year! Our lively and sparkly tinsel is sold to renowned supermarkets, garden centres, and shops, in the UK and abroad.1

    Melonie was extremely interested in discovering the fabrication process of our tinsel. So, we took her to our factory where our 35 powerful and state-of-the-art machines are frenetically running to make high quality tinsel. She even had the chance to try one of our machines!

    Melonie learnt that at Festive, we use metallised PVC imported from China to make our gleeful tinsel. Once cut by our machines, the special PVC is attached to a solid metal wire. In total, this operation lasts between 4min30 and 17. Generally, each piece of tinsel produced by Festive measures 24 metres, and the thickness of each varies between 25mm to 250mm.

    Festive tinsel can be composed of 8 colours and comes in different shapes thanks to dye machines cutting the tinsel in funky and original patterns, such as hearts, snowflakes, or even kangaroos!2

    Melonie was impressed by the immense popularity of tinsel, requiring Festive to remain open 24/7 from May to November in order to keep up with the tremendous demand during this period and provide the UK and the world with the best Christmas must-have!


  2. Festive in Print… The Christmas Magazine

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    Festive Products featuring in The Christmas Magazine.

    Turn your home into a Winter Wonderland this year with Snow Spray, Snow Dust Decorations and Creative Silhouettes and Snowflakes from Wilko.

    CM - Wilko - 1


    Get the Scandi Style with this beautiful set of 4, Red Decoupage Baubles from House of Fraser.

    CM - HOF - 1


    Bring a Flash of colour to your tree this year with the Sainsburys Wool Collection.

    CM - Sainsbuyrs - 1


    Asdas Bambi Snowglobe would make a Beautiful Gift for a Loved one this Christmas.

    CM - Asda - 1


    Scentsicles are scented sticks that bring Christmas to life with an authentic aroma of a real tree. Let your tree, garland or wreath smell of cinnamon, berries or fresh cut trees without the mess of pine needles! Available in Garden Centres and John Lewis nationwide.

    CM - Scentsicles - 1


    Hello Kitty Christmas decorations have launched in the UK! We have created an exclusive range of Hello Kitty Decorations, Lights, Trees and Tinsel. Create a perfect Christmas with a flash of Hello Kitty pink, a must for every Hello Kitty fan. Available in Garden Centres nationwide and Very.co.uk

    CM - Hello Kitty 1

  3. Festive in Print… House Beautiful

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    Festive Products featuring in House Beautiful.

    House Beautiful Cover


    Festive have designed a multi jewel toned Tinsel Collection for Poundland. This Tinsel will create drama and opulence in your home this festive season. All of Poundlands Tinsel is made in the UK

    HB - Poundland - 1


    Go pompom mad at Sainsburys, Festive have designed a collection of Pompom Decorations to fill your home this Christmas. We have also created a series of wool decorations for Sainsburys.

    HB - Sainsburys - 2HB - Sainsburys - 1

  4. Festive in Print… Asda Gift Guide 2014

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    Festive Products featuring in The Asda Gift Guide 2014.

    Asda Cover


    Festive have specially designed a range of decorations for Asda to fit their Ski Collection. Bring some colour into your home this Christmas with wooden snowflakes, beautiful characters, ski lift cars and colourful flocked snowballs. All of these items will definitely make a statement on your tree!

    Asda - Ski Range - 1


    All available from November 1st.

      Asda - Ski Range - 2

  5. Festive in Print… Your Home Christmas Made Easy

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    Festive Products featuring in Your Home Christmas made easy.



    Make your Christmas tree feel glamorous with House of Frasers Black and Gold theme. Festive have designed a luxurious range of Top Hats & Baubles for House of Fraser.

    Your Home - 3

    Your Home - 2


    Go Pompom mad with Sainsburys colourful decorations, as seen in many other magazines!

    Your Home - 1