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  1. Festive on BBC News

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    bbc3End of November 2016, BBC News journalist, Elise Wicker, came to Festive Productions and cheerfully discovered our tinsel factory. There, she had the opportunity to meet our tinsel expert, Jason Poulsom, who explained her how the shiny must-have is made.

    Elise found out that our high-quality tinsel is made from metallised PVC. Imported from China, the special and twinkling material, coming in 128 different colours, is cut into thin bands before getting attached to a sturdy wire thanks to our state-of-the-art machines, working similarly as candy-floss makers. Each tinsel piece measures 24 metres and their thickness varies between 25mm and 250mm.

    bbc4Festive Productions is the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK with an average of 12.5 million of metres produced per year.

    Elise also learnt that tinsel does not travel well from abroad. Therefore, making tinsel in Britain guarantees higher quality. Indeed, besides being environmentally-friendly, tinsel made in the UK is less likely to flatten or get damaged as it is not shipped in hot containers.

    bbc5In BBC short-video, slow motion images wonderfully reveal the mesmerising aspect of our sparkly and colourful tinsel.

    Here is the full video.


  2. Festive in print… Daily Mail – December 2016

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    3At Festive, we are always happy to reveal the fabrication process of our twinkling and colourful tinsel. This year, we have welcomed photographers so they could show the work of our staff in the tinsel factory.

    These pictures can be seen on the Daily Mail website. As the popular website highlights, Festive is the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK. During our busiest time (May to November), 650,000ft of sparkly tinsel are produced per month, and 130 seasonal jobs are created.


    Our tinsel is made from metallised polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is cut into bands. These strips are then attached to a solid wire thanks to a machine resembling a candy-floss maker.

    Festive tinsel is sold to retail shops, high street stores, and garden centres, in the UK and abroad.


    Festive Productions was founded in 1983. 11 years after, our company attended its first trade show. In 2017, Festive will be at Harrogate Christmas & Gift Fair, from Sunday 8th to Wednesday 11th January (stand: C1), and at NEC Spring Fair, from Sunday 5th February to Thursday 9th February (stands: 2E30 – F31).

    Our showrooms in Cwmbran, exhibiting our 2017 collection, are now open.


    Here is the full Daily Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4022522/Inside-Welsh-factory-produces-650-000-ft-Christmas-decoration-MONTH.html

  3. Festive Productions 2017 Showrooms Now Open

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    Festive 2017 showrooms (for trade only) have just opened in Cwmbran. Featuring enchanting displays and unique products, our new showrooms are perfect to get a glimpse of what the festive season will look like in 2017.

    Our visual merchandising team, led by Joanne Thomas, has produced a wonderful Christmas story, divided into various original themes, including Christmas Jubilation, Arctic Ice, Orelia, and Nordic Forest. Not only do Festive displays celebrate British and Scandinavian culture, they also praise the polar magic and the luxurious essence of Christmas.


    In addition to our themes, 3 main trends are taking over the new year: Playful and its comical decorations, Harmony promoting well-being, and Cosmic focusing on micro and macro science.

    Along with Festive-designed decorations, our 2017 collection features adorable Disney products (Mickey and friends, Disney Princess, and Frozen). The cheeky minions are also staying in Festive next year!

    To book a visit, please contact your local Field Sales Manager, or Festive Productions Head Office.



  4. Festive on Garden Trade Specialist magazine

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    72The October/November 2016 issue of Garden Trade Specialist is out, and Festive is part of it!

    Rendezvous pages 30-31 to have a preview of our lines! Not only will you learn about our new lighting lines, you will also discover our amazing licence collection including ScentSicles, Frozen, Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse and friends, and Minions.


    Here is the link of the electronic issue: http://www.flipgorilla.com/p/24777847507780099/show

    Festive pages: http://www.flipgorilla.com/p/24777847507780099/show#/24777847507780099/32



  5. Festive in print… The Lady Magazine – December 2015

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    In December 2015, Festive had the pleasure to welcome Melonie Clarke, journalist for the prestigious Lady Magazine. Melonie had the privilege to learn the well-kept secrets surrounding our colourful and shiny tinsel, essential to merrily embellish any Christmas tree.

    Arrived in our enchanting tinsel realm, Melonie learnt that Festive has been producing tinsel since 1983. Festive is now the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK, with 12 million metres successfully produced every year! Our lively and sparkly tinsel is sold to renowned supermarkets, garden centres, and shops, in the UK and abroad.1

    Melonie was extremely interested in discovering the fabrication process of our tinsel. So, we took her to our factory where our 35 powerful and state-of-the-art machines are frenetically running to make high quality tinsel. She even had the chance to try one of our machines!

    Melonie learnt that at Festive, we use metallised PVC imported from China to make our gleeful tinsel. Once cut by our machines, the special PVC is attached to a solid metal wire. In total, this operation lasts between 4min30 and 17. Generally, each piece of tinsel produced by Festive measures 24 metres, and the thickness of each varies between 25mm to 250mm.

    Festive tinsel can be composed of 8 colours and comes in different shapes thanks to dye machines cutting the tinsel in funky and original patterns, such as hearts, snowflakes, or even kangaroos!2

    Melonie was impressed by the immense popularity of tinsel, requiring Festive to remain open 24/7 from May to November in order to keep up with the tremendous demand during this period and provide the UK and the world with the best Christmas must-have!


  6. Festive on ‘The Really Welsh Christmas Show’

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    In December 2014, ‘The Really Welsh Christmas Show’ presenter, Sophie Evans, visited Festive tinsel factory. Festive is known as the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK, with more than 12 million metres produced each year.

    Once in the twinkling and glamorous realm of high-quality tinsel, Sophie had only one obsession: find out the fabrication process.

    The BBC TV host was therefore shown one of our state-of-the-art tinsel machines, which, after shredding the sparkly metallised PVC into strips, attaches the tinsel bands to a firm metal wire. Our tinsel machines resemble candy floss makers!

    The TV host was particularly astonished to see how rapid producing the shiny and timeless Christmas decoration is!

    Click here to see the full BBC coverage.

  7. Festive on The Express

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    In December 2014, the internationally renowned British newspaper, The Express stopped at our headquarters in Cwmbran to visit our marvellous tinsel domain. The prestigious media outlet had the exceptional opportunity to learn more about our tinsel production.

    The Express found out with true astonishment that Festive is one of the largest tinsel manufacturers in the world, producing 148, 750 metres per month. Every year, Festive makes 12 million metres of twinkling and colourful tinsel, primarily used to enliven Christmas trees. Created from January to November, our high quality tinsel is successfully sold to prominent supermarkets, shops, and garden centres in the UK and abroad. The Express was particularly amazed to learn that during peak times, the factory has to stay open 24/7 to keep up with the endlessly increasing demand.


    During the tour in our tinsel realm, we happily revealed to The Express our fabrication process. We proudly showed the newspaper our 35 tinsel machines before explaining that our shiny Tinsel is made from metallised PVC, which is then firmly attached to a metal wire. One piece of Festive tinsel can be composed of up to 9 colours, whilst the best sellers are red, gold, and silver.

    Festive tinsel is also known for its originality as the tinsel comes in superb funky shapes. Indeed, with our 4 state-of-the-art die cut machines, our tinsel can take the form of the adorable Hello Kitty, or any football clubs’ badges, which amused The Express.


    To read the article, please click here.

  8. Festive in Print… The Christmas Magazine

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    Festive Products featuring in The Christmas Magazine.

    Turn your home into a Winter Wonderland this year with Snow Spray, Snow Dust Decorations and Creative Silhouettes and Snowflakes from Wilko.

    CM - Wilko - 1


    Get the Scandi Style with this beautiful set of 4, Red Decoupage Baubles from House of Fraser.

    CM - HOF - 1


    Bring a Flash of colour to your tree this year with the Sainsburys Wool Collection.

    CM - Sainsbuyrs - 1


    Asdas Bambi Snowglobe would make a Beautiful Gift for a Loved one this Christmas.

    CM - Asda - 1


    Scentsicles are scented sticks that bring Christmas to life with an authentic aroma of a real tree. Let your tree, garland or wreath smell of cinnamon, berries or fresh cut trees without the mess of pine needles! Available in Garden Centres and John Lewis nationwide.

    CM - Scentsicles - 1


    Hello Kitty Christmas decorations have launched in the UK! We have created an exclusive range of Hello Kitty Decorations, Lights, Trees and Tinsel. Create a perfect Christmas with a flash of Hello Kitty pink, a must for every Hello Kitty fan. Available in Garden Centres nationwide and Very.co.uk

    CM - Hello Kitty 1

  9. Festive on BBC

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    In December 2012, BBC journalist, Justin Rowlatt, showed an interest in Festive Productions, as it became the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK after purchasing Widmanns.

    Justin was quite surprised to learn that Cwmbran, town in South Wales mostly known for its coal industry, is the tinsel capital of the UK. Festive supplies two-thirds of the twinkling decoration sold in the country. With 150,000 metres produced per day, Festive is a global leader in the sector of Christmas glamour and glitz.

    Justin also wondered how Festive keeps up with its Chinese competitors with cheaper production costs. The answer is quite simple: the sparkly Christmas must-have does not travel really well. Tinsel transported on boats from far Asia is more likely to become floppy. Festive customers, which are renowned supermarkets, shops, and garden centres, are aware of this fact, so they do not mind paying more if that means better quality!


    During his tour in our tinsel factory, Justin was truly amazed by our rich range of colourful and shiny tinsel products. Not only does Festive produce classical and popular red, silver and gold tinsel, the company also makes more daring products, such as gingham garlands.


    When the journalist was shown our production process, he discovered with awe our state-of-the-art tinsel machines functioning like candy floss makers. Indeed, after cutting strips of metallised PVC, our amazing and powerful tinsel machines spin the glossy bands together with a nylon cord. Festive produces 25 metres of tinsel every 6 minutes!

    Historians record the first appearance of tinsel in Germany, in the 17th century. At this time, the sleek product was used to reflect the light emanating from candles. Tinsel is believed to have arrived in the UK in the 1930s due to its immense popularity in the US.