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  1. Festive Cosmic display at Harrogate

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    During the renowned Harrogate Christmas & Gift tradeshow, Festive merrily exhibits its original and innovative Christmas decorations. Our delightful decorative items are often categorised into fabulous themes and trends, defining the celebratory season. This year, Festive has surprised and impressed visitors with its Cosmic range, dedicated to the fascinating scientific world. Our captivating and atypical décor manages to harmoniously combine the rigorous realm of science with the gleeful spirit of Christmas. This incredible association is supported and reinforced by key features making science cheerfully stylish. Our Cosmic display at Harrogate proves that everything is possible with some imagination.

    IMG_6834Trend Highlights

    Our fantastic décor is enhanced by essential trendy elements, embodying the scientific sphere. Our Christmas tree is wonderfully adorned with items coming from where some of the magic happens, the laboratory. Our enchanting Cosmic display is composed of decorations representing the micro and macro dimensions of our universe. To produce our innovative décor, we have imitated particles like atoms and cell structures, as well as explored the endless galaxy.

    Get our Cosmic look from Harrogate

    Our marvellous Cosmic tree is ornamented with delightful components from the scientific lab, such as our sparkly glass cubes featuring periodic table elements.


    4cm gold glitter cube dec with periodic decal (P011892)

    4cm silver glitter cube dec with periodic decal (P011893)

    4cm copper glitter cube dec with periodic decal (P011891)

    Our original display puts micro molecules in the spotlight. Festive decoupage baubles are impressively decorated with realistic and detailed cell structures.


    7cm 3 asstd decoupage cell structure balls (P012537)


    15cm x 3 dark iridescent balls (P013401)

    Finally, our Cosmic décor focuses on elements composing our intriguing galaxy. Our ornaments are shaped into lovely stars, and planets.


    7cm 2 asstd decoupage cosmic balls (P012536)


    8cm purple and silver planet ball (P013960)


    7cm silver glass sputnik (P012692)

    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  2. Get the look: Nordic Forest Christmas tree

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    Our decoration showroom is a magical realm populated by imperial Christmas trees. Adorned with wonderful and original ornaments, Festive trees serve to epitomise each theme exhibited in our mesmerising world. This year, we are presenting a display influenced by Scandinavian culture. This majestic décor brings an ounce of refinement to woodland elements. To create a Nordic Forest display, sophisticated ornaments coming in rustic textures are to be favoured. Our Scandinavian tree, located in Cwmbran, is composed of elegant skeleton leaves, natural textures such as wood, and graceful feathers.

    Our skeleton leaves are perfect to add a refined touch to any Christmas tree. Their detailed and minimal patterns serve to bring delicacy into the Nordic woods.


    10cm 2 asstd metal leaf ornaments – gold/silver (P007493)


    60cm silver hanging leaf decoration (P011126)

    Natural textures are essential to reproduce the rustic ambiance of the Scandinavian forest. Our Christmas tree comprises ornaments made of wood and hessian.


    1. 8cm 2 asstd glass white hessian shape on balls (P012658)

    2. 8cm 2 asstd hessian shape white glass balls (P012854)


    3. 13cm wooden house hanging decoration (P011902)

    4. 13cm wooden mahogany red house hanging decoration (P011903)


    24cm large reindeer antler (P013831)


    12cm 3 asstd wooden tartan decorations (P013822)

    Our decorative feathers are designed to adorn any Christmas tree with exceptional chic.


    1. 8cm white feather effect bauble (P011923)

    2. 70cm feather bunch spray (P008538)

    3. 8cm gold feather effect bauble (P011921)

    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  3. Festive Christmas Jubilation display at Harrogate

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    Harrogate Christmas & Gift is the occasion for Festive to showcase its wonderful decorations. Each January, we present, through elaborate and stylish displays, our original themes and trends. This year, we have introduced Christmas Jubilation, which proudly celebrates the British culture in its entirety and diversity. Britishness is represented through a merry prism. Not only is our jubilation about honouring Britain, it also holds the traditional essence of Christmas in its core. Our joyful décor encapsulates some of our key 2017 trends, through unique and exclusive ornaments. These design tendencies reinforce the sense of Britishness by sprinkling national nostalgia.


    Trend highlights

    Our cheery and lively display, greatly influenced by British culture, features several trends which contribute in celebrating the country on the regional scale. To create our 2017 Christmas Jubilation décor, we have chosen colours reminding the Union Jack flag (red and blue), and heavily relied on popular icons epitomising the UK in the collective mind.

    Get our Christmas Jubilation look from Harrogate

    Our fantastic Christmas tree is dominated by red and blue ornaments, designed to recall the UK flag, and green decorations embodying Ireland. These splendid glass baubles are perfect to put Britishness into the spotlight this Christmas.


    10cm 3 asstd deco cap glass balls (P012793)


    8cm Antique Leaf Ball Red (P001836)

    Britain is best represented with its emblematic symbols. This is why our tree is inhabited with immense red buses, and adorable post boxes.


    19cm double decker bus (P010336)

    32cm 1905 red double decker bus (P010344)


    11cm red glass letterbox (P006940)

    Our marvellous decoupage baubles depict British regions and Ireland with their most famous emblems: the London eye for the capital, the red dragon for Wales, and the four-leaf clover for Ireland.


    7cm decoupage Welsh icon ball (P012533)

    7cm 2 asstd decoupage London icons balls (P012531)

    7cm decoupage Irish icon ball (P012532)

    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.


  4. Festive 2017 Licenced Collection

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    IMG_8508In 2017, Festive Productions is reinforcing its licencing agreements with Disney and Universal. Our new licenced collection, comprising Frozen, Disney Princess, Mickey and friends, and Minions, heavily rely on the current developments undertaken by both entertainment empires.

    Not only will princesses Elsa and Anna be back in the second opus of the popularly acclaimed Disney film, Frozen, the two sisters, from Arendelle, will also continue their magical adventures with Festive. Our 2017 Frozen range, including lovely hanging ornaments and twinkling tinsel, will enchant everybody this Christmas.

    IMG_8507With the release of Beauty and the Beast in March, the knowledgeable Belle is leading our 2017 Disney Princess collection with her own decorated Christmas tree. This year, Festive is more committed than ever to the Dream Big, Princess Campaign, dwelling on princesses’ qualities to empower young girls. Festive decorations, varying from figurines to baubles, highlight the inspiring qualities of these smart, adventurous, kind, and creative heroines.

    What would Disney be without its emblematic characters, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Donald Duck? The most famous mouse, accompanied with his lover and friends, will be at the core of our 2017 Disney range, designed to reinforce the traditional spirit of Christmas.

    IMG_8509Minions will joyfully enliven this summer as they will return to the new Universal animated film, Despicable Me 3. Minions are also staying in Festive to keep spreading happiness this Christmas. Our Minions decorations will bring incredible laughter and cute cheekiness in 2017.

  5. Festive will exhibit its 2017 decorations at NEC

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    After participating in Harrogate Christmas & Gift, Festive will be present at the Spring Fair NEC, taking place in Birmingham from Sunday 5th to Thursday 9th February 2017.

    There, we will showcase our new products including home-designed decoupage baubles, app controlled lights, gigantic Santas, ornaments made of paper, and our Festive train. NEC will also be the occasion for us to unveil our exciting themes and trends, such as Nordic Forest, Orelia, and Harmony.

    Our friendly and experienced staff will merrily welcome you at stand 2E30-F, H30-J31, F30-H.

     For more information, please see below:


  6. NEW: Festive Laser & LED Projectors

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    Festive 2017 lighting range is full of spectacular innovations. This year, we are introducing outstanding light projectors, designed to brightly enliven the outdoor walls of any house.

    Outdoor Christmas lighting displays can be impressive. Gardens covered with twinkling lights are likely to catch the attention of passers-by. Not only do outdoor Christmas lights arouse admiration and wonderment, they also reinforce the festive spirit attached to the holidays. Adorned with powerfully bright lights, your house and garden will definitely stand out!

    With Festive light projectors, it is now possible to illuminate the façade of your house. Our new range is composed of laser and LED projectors. Whilst the former serve to produce trendy and modern light shows with geometrical shapes, the latter releases cheery and colourful Christmas symbols, including snowflakes, snowmen, candy canes, and reindeers.


    1. Cosmic laser projector – blue/green (P015216)

    2. Laser Projector – Red & Green (P011469)

    3. Multi-function laser projector – red and green (P011470)


    1. LED projector with 5 changeable slides (P014871)

    2. Outdoor led projector – snowflake design (P014300)

    3. Outdoor led projector – design 3 (P014302)

  7. Sid the Sprout

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    img_0887These last few years, Festive has become increasingly design-driven. For our 2017 range, our designers have outdone themselves and created an adorable character that will definitely enliven everyone’s Christmas, Sid the Sprout.

    Sid is a lovely sprout who loves Christmas. Unfortunately, the jolly green sprout with goggle-eyes is not really popular. Treated as an inferior and worthless vegetable by the other kitchen occupiers, Sid is left alone most of the time. So when the lovely sprout is asking for help to find the Christmas spirit, he is faced with harsh rejection from Colin the carrot, Brian the broccoli, Sage the stuffing, and Percy the pig in blanket. However, Sid does not give up, and his perseverance leads him to his sprout friends, Stu and Sally, who are ready to celebrate Christmas in his company.

    It is well known that sprouts, essential Christmas vegetables, receive mixed opinions. Sid’s story is here to remind us that sprouts matter and that no one should be rejected during Christmas time.

    Festive iconic character, Sid, has been developed into a large variety of decorations, including fun sacks, cheery baubles, and lovely garlands.


    1. 55 x 85cm 2 asstd Sid hessian sack (P012964)

    2. 260cm Sid the Sprout bunting (P015357)

    3. 8cm Sid the Sprout Decoupage Bauble (P015043)

    4. 164cm standing Sid the Sprout (P015232)

    5. 8cm Sid the Sprout with Santa Hat Decoupage Ball (P015042)

    6. 8cm Sid the Sprout with Crown Decoupage Bauble (P015041)

    7. Sid felt decorations (P012963)

  8. 2017 tinsel collection

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    festive-british-made-tinsel-collection-1Tinsel remains our flagship product in 2017. Made from metallised PVC, our British made tinsel is constantly evolving and modernising to satisfy increasing demand. Whilst our traditional pieces (red/green/gold/silver fine cut/chunky tinsel) remain in our 2017 range due to their continuing success, many novelties in our tinsel collection are to be noted.

    Trendy colours

    This year, red, green, gold, silver, white, and purple are joined by fashionable tones. Our high-quality tinsel comes in sophisticated metallic shades and delightful blue tones. Whilst matt champagne, bronze, and matt silver symbolise refinement, powder blue, teal, and mint blue, inspiring calm, are perfect to create a winter wonderland scenery. In 2017, colours are also mixed to create unbelievable harmonies.

    Colours come with different finishes too. Not only can tinsel be glossy and matt, the Christmas must-have looks amazing when produced with holographic and embossed effects.1

    1. 200cm x 7.5cm fine cut tinsel – matt champagne (P015294)

    2. 200cm x 10cm chunky tinsel – powder blue (P015290)

    3. 200cm copper / bronze diamond garland (P010404)

    4. 200cm teal wavy tinsel (P010398)

    Unique shapes

    Although our fine cut and chunky tinsel pieces are extremely popular, we are introducing new kinds of garlands. We propose stunning wavy tinsel pieces. The twinkling and colourful bands, cut and attached to a sturdy wire in our state-of-the-art machines, are slightly curled, giving a modern and stylish look to our tinsel.

    Moreover, we have garlands composed of superb large fern leaves. Amongst our most original tinsel pieces, 2017 sees the appearance of crinkle loop and spiral bubble garlands, which will get anyone into a festive mood.2

    1. 200cm red wavy tinsel ( P010395)

    2. 200cm x 14cm large fern leaf – dark aglan (P015073)

    3. 200cm silver crinkle loop garland (P010890)

    4. 200cm red / green spiral bubble garland (P010418)

    Atypical items

    Whilst snowmen and penguins, made of sparkly tinsel, are happily staying in Festive, tinsel bands are also used to make loop chains, wavy cut pull out garlands, and spiral twists in 2017. Tinsel stars and poinsettias serve to merrily enliven delightful wire pieces. Our new wreaths and Christmas cone trees are composed of tinsel holly leaves, poms, and snowflakes shapes.3

    1. 240cm Christmas loop chain multi (P010893)

    2. 150cm x 10cm gold wavy cut pull out garland (P010389)

    3. 200cm lilac spiral twist garland (P010401)


    1. 45cm multi snowflake tinsel wreath (P010902)

    2. 750cm red wire star garland (P010907)

    3. 45cm large multi pom cone tinsel tree (P010903)

  9. Festive reveals its ‘Christmas Delivered’ range at Harrogate Christmas & Gift 2017

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    1The renowned trade show, Harrogate Christmas & Gift, has just started and Festive is already arousing interest with its exciting 2017 range of decorations, unveiled at stand C1.

    h4New themes and trends

    This year, Festive is showcasing 4 wonderful and unique Christmas themes, likely to thrill everyone. Whilst Christmas Jubilation celebrates the British culture, Nordic Forest puts the spotlight on Scandinavian peaceful woods. Our two other themes are Orelia, dominated by gold and geometric decorations, and Arctic Ice, reproducing the enchanting ambiance found in the polar hemispheres.

    Along with these themes, Festive is exhibiting 3 design trends: Cosmic, looking at the micro elements and macro picture of our universe; Harmony, focusing on well-being and inner happiness; and Playful dwelling on humour and bright colours.


    1. 20cm Frozen star Tree Topper (P005119)

    2. 12cm belle princess standing figurine (P015691)

    3. 49cm x 30cm mickey plush stocking (P009023)

    4. 59cm x 27cm minion santa stop sign (P009213)

    Licenced collection

    Building on the success of our 2016 range, our 2017 licenced collection is more magical than ever.

    With the confirmed release of Frozen 2, Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are staying in Festive to continue to delight everybody’s Christmas.

    This year, our Disney Princess range particularly focuses on Belle, coinciding with the arrival of Beauty and the Beast onto our screens in March. Also, Festive is reinforcing its commitment to the Dream Big, Princess Campaign, highlighting the qualities of Disney heroines to empower young girls.

    Mickey and his friends, the most iconic Disney characters, remain at the core of our collection.

    Minions are ready to brighten this summer by starring in Despicable Me 3. In the meantime, Festive presents its Minions decorations, designed to bring joy this Christmas.


    1. 20cm sid door stopper (P012962)

    2. 7cm ceramic – believe – bauble (P012229)

    3. 9cm laser cut acrylic atom – silver (P013319)

    4. 7cm decoupage Welsh icon ball (P012533)

    5. 9cm Scottish penguin (P010554)

    Decorations designed by Festive

    2017 is marked by the extension of our ‘Designed by Festive’ range. This year, we are introducing a fun and lovely character created by our designers, Sid the sprout who is looking for the Christmas spirit. The Festive touch can also be seen amongst our decoupage baubles and various hanging ornaments.


    1. 30cm white paper hanging decoration (P011926)

    2. 11cm 2d tartan fan effect angel decoration (P013823)

    3. 8.5cm 3d turquoise paper decoration with jewel (P013091)

    4. 7.5cm 3d white and gold pleated paper decoration (P013092)

    Unique and innovative products

    Every year, Festive strives to offer innovative and original decorations. 2017 is no exception. In addition to comical items, we are displaying graceful decorations made of sophisticated paper.

    Our innovation minds can especially be found in our lighting range. This year, we are showing off our dual power lights and powerful laser projectors.


    1. Laser Projector – Red & Green (P011469)

    2. Outdoor led projector – design 3 (P014302)

    Harrogate Christmas & Gift lasts until Wednesday 11th January 2017. Do not hesitate to pay us a visit at stand C1.