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  1. Festive Elves

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    Making their first appearance in a book published in 1856, Christmas elves are tiny magical creatures known for helping Santa. Not only do they make toys, they also look after the majestic reindeers and discreetly spy on children to determine the nice and naughty lists. These lovely dwarf-like characters, with long and pointy ears, are perfect to reinforce the gleeful spirit of Christmas.

    Due to their central place in the Christmas mythology, elves have gained a prominent place in Festive wholesale range throughout the years. Our delightful hanging ornaments, tabletop and room decorations, shaped into lovely elves, are designed to provoke laugh and merrily enliven any home.


    1. 15cm hanging elf gonk (P013613)

    2. 22cm 2 asstd elf table decorations (P008673)

    3. 9.5cm clay dough elf head hanging ornament (P007567)

    4. 11.4cm claydough elf with present (P007886)

    5. 25cm 2 asstd wooden wreaths with felt elves (P007713)

    6. 20cm elf hanging ornament (P007700)

    7. 30cm standing elf decoration (P014939)

    8. 19cm 2 asstd hanging elf decorations (P012921)

    9. 30cm elf door stopper (P007369)

    10. 9cm cool elf decoration (P015154)

    11. 11cm 2 asstd claydough elf decorations (P013741)

    12. 60cm 2 asstd standing elves (P012920)

  2. Festive Plush Pals

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    Festive plush collection has considerably expanded this year. Whilst new adorable animals have been added in our fabulous range, creatures already composing our line, have welcomed more relatives. Traditional Christmas characters, including our Scandinavian Santas (gonks), have seen their recruits increase. Furthermore, many of our new plush pals have been conceived by our talented design team.

    New arrivals can be noticed in our fantastic plush range. Cheeky foxes, lovely sheep, wonderful raccoons, and imperial owls have recently shown up at Festive to merrily enliven Christmas.


    1. 19cm plush owl with scarf – black and white (P013348)

    2. 30cm plush sheep (P015282)

    3. 25cm grey plush raccoon with scarf (P010223)

    4. 56cm standing fox with fur jumper (P010465)

    5. 18cm grey and white skiing owl (P010461)

    6. 53cm tartan sitting foxes (P013588)

    Our marvellous reindeers, bears, and mice have also seen their family expand this year.


    1. 27cm brown plush reindeer with hat and scarf (P010221)

    2. 35cm white plush polar bear (P015281)

    3. 43cm standing grey fur trim reindeer (P013536)

    4. 30cm cream plush bear with sweater (P010224)

    5. 65cm wobble reindeer (P015168)

    6. 53cm standing fluffy reindeer (P013620)

    7. 30cm plush bear with Santa hat (P015023)

    8. 50cm red and white mouse with dangly legs (P010463)

    9. 26cm plush reindeer with scarf – white / grey (P013347)

    10. 100cm wobble mouse (P014788)

    In 2017, Festive is introducing more Santas, snowmen, elves, and gonks. These cheery characters are perfect to embody the jolly spirit of Christmas.


    1. 50cm 2 asstd boy and girl snowflake snowmen (P013576)

    2. 78cm wobble gonk (P015165)

    3. 47cm grey wobble gonk (P015170)

    4. 170cm standing Santa with extendable legs (P013581)

    5. 57cm 2 asstd extendable leg heart and star gonk (P013606)

    6. 56cm Nordic cone Santa (P013564)

    7. 87cm 2 asstd extendable furry gonks (P013634)

    8. 60cm 2 asstd standing elves (P012920)

    9. 68cm tumble gonk (P014787)

    10. 66cm leatherette gonk (P015609)

    Our new plush collection has greatly benefited from the expertise of Festive designers. Our home-designed reindeers and gonks are ideal to bring an ounce of glee and originality to any décor.


    1. 65cm standing reindeer with faux fur (P007834)

    2. 130cm grey fur trim reindeer with extendable legs (P013534)

    3. 170cm standing grey fur trim reindeer (P013538)

    4. 67cm standing white fur trim reindeer (P013531)

    5. 35cm reindeer gonk (P013608)

    6. 30cm Santa gonk on sleigh (P013612)

    7. 53cm elf gonk (P013616)

    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  3. Get the look: Nordic Forest Christmas tree

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    Our decoration showroom is a magical realm populated by imperial Christmas trees. Adorned with wonderful and original ornaments, Festive trees serve to epitomise each theme exhibited in our mesmerising world. This year, we are presenting a display influenced by Scandinavian culture. This majestic décor brings an ounce of refinement to woodland elements. To create a Nordic Forest display, sophisticated ornaments coming in rustic textures are to be favoured. Our Scandinavian tree, located in Cwmbran, is composed of elegant skeleton leaves, natural textures such as wood, and graceful feathers.

    Our skeleton leaves are perfect to add a refined touch to any Christmas tree. Their detailed and minimal patterns serve to bring delicacy into the Nordic woods.


    10cm 2 asstd metal leaf ornaments – gold/silver (P007493)


    60cm silver hanging leaf decoration (P011126)

    Natural textures are essential to reproduce the rustic ambiance of the Scandinavian forest. Our Christmas tree comprises ornaments made of wood and hessian.


    1. 8cm 2 asstd glass white hessian shape on balls (P012658)

    2. 8cm 2 asstd hessian shape white glass balls (P012854)


    3. 13cm wooden house hanging decoration (P011902)

    4. 13cm wooden mahogany red house hanging decoration (P011903)


    24cm large reindeer antler (P013831)


    12cm 3 asstd wooden tartan decorations (P013822)

    Our decorative feathers are designed to adorn any Christmas tree with exceptional chic.


    1. 8cm white feather effect bauble (P011923)

    2. 70cm feather bunch spray (P008538)

    3. 8cm gold feather effect bauble (P011921)

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    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  4. Festive will exhibit its 2017 decorations at NEC

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    After participating in Harrogate Christmas & Gift, Festive will be present at the Spring Fair NEC, taking place in Birmingham from Sunday 5th to Thursday 9th February 2017.

    There, we will showcase our new products including home-designed decoupage baubles, app controlled lights, gigantic Santas, ornaments made of paper, and our Festive train. NEC will also be the occasion for us to unveil our exciting themes and trends, such as Nordic Forest, Orelia, and Harmony.

    Our friendly and experienced staff will merrily welcome you at stand 2E30-F, H30-J31, F30-H.

     For more information, please see below:


  5. Christmas Gherkin

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    Did you know that Americans place a gherkin made of glass on their Christmas tree? In the United States, stockings, baubles, wire lights, and presents are not the only mandatory festive items! The Christmas gherkin definitely has a crucial part in the gleeful celebrations.

    Adding a gherkin to a Christmas tree is a popular tradition, believed to have first seen the day in Germany. This cheery custom works as follows: parents wait until Christmas Eve to hide a small glass ornament shaped into a gherkin on their tree. The gherkin has to be concealed between the branches so it remains out of sight. When Christmas day arrives, children wake up with one mission: finding the hidden gherkin. The first to spot the decoration on the tree is either rewarded with an extra present, or is promised a year of good fortune.

    At Festive, we believe in putting foreign traditions into the spotlight. This year, we are introducing our own gherkin. Wearing a lovely Santa hat, our gherkin is ideal to spend fun family times.


    8cm glass gherkin with Santa hat (P013968)


  6. Get the look: Festive Orelia Tree

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    Our decoration showroom in Cwmbran shelters marvellous Christmas trees ornamented with stunning and original hanging decorations. This year, we are introducing our Orelia collection mixing sophistication with modernity in a graceful way. Our Orelia range is notably composed of metallic textures, geometrical decorations, monochromatic shades, and inspiring typography. In our Cwmbran showroom, our sophisticated white Christmas tree is amazingly enhanced with contemporary design trends, including golden decorations, shatterproof baubles ornamented with geometrical patterns, and plum tones.

    Our decoupage baubles decorated with geometrical shapes and animals serve to add an ounce of modernity to any Christmas tree.


    7cm 2 asstd decoupage patterned balls (P012528)


    7cm decoupage geometric animals ball (P012529)

    Our sparkly golden hanging decorations are perfect to bring Orelia’s refinement to any tree.


    10cm gold antique finish glastic onion (P010854)

    Plum is the colour of 2017! A Christmas tree adorned with plum ornaments appears more stylish.


    8cm glass plum ball (P012844)

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    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  7. Sid the Sprout

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    img_0887These last few years, Festive has become increasingly design-driven. For our 2017 range, our designers have outdone themselves and created an adorable character that will definitely enliven everyone’s Christmas, Sid the Sprout.

    Sid is a lovely sprout who loves Christmas. Unfortunately, the jolly green sprout with goggle-eyes is not really popular. Treated as an inferior and worthless vegetable by the other kitchen occupiers, Sid is left alone most of the time. So when the lovely sprout is asking for help to find the Christmas spirit, he is faced with harsh rejection from Colin the carrot, Brian the broccoli, Sage the stuffing, and Percy the pig in blanket. However, Sid does not give up, and his perseverance leads him to his sprout friends, Stu and Sally, who are ready to celebrate Christmas in his company.

    It is well known that sprouts, essential Christmas vegetables, receive mixed opinions. Sid’s story is here to remind us that sprouts matter and that no one should be rejected during Christmas time.

    Festive iconic character, Sid, has been developed into a large variety of decorations, including fun sacks, cheery baubles, and lovely garlands.


    1. 55 x 85cm 2 asstd Sid hessian sack (P012964)

    2. 260cm Sid the Sprout bunting (P015357)

    3. 8cm Sid the Sprout Decoupage Bauble (P015043)

    4. 164cm standing Sid the Sprout (P015232)

    5. 8cm Sid the Sprout with Santa Hat Decoupage Ball (P015042)

    6. 8cm Sid the Sprout with Crown Decoupage Bauble (P015041)

    7. Sid felt decorations (P012963)

  8. How to have a relaxing Christmas

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    Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. And yet, preparations often turn out to be extremely stressful, especially if you are the person hosting the Christmas party. Whilst reducing the pressure is far from being easy, it is not impossible. Here are some tips to fully relax during festivities.

    15Plan and prioritise

    Making lists for groceries, presents, and decorations can be very helpful. If you also prioritise the different tasks you have to complete, you can focus on what matters the most. If you do not manage to accomplish the actions listed at the bottom, you can relax as they are surely not that important anyway.

    It is also a good idea to make menus. You can even start cooking weeks before Christmas and freeze your meals.

    If you bravely decide to go shop in a commercial centre, expect it packed. Why not print out the map of the shops and plan your shopping trip along with your list of goods and presents?

    If you really cannot stand the crowds, you can always have a look online. You might be able to benefit from interesting discounts but make sure everything is delivered on time.

     Avoid perfectionism

    To completely relax, you have to accept that everything cannot and will not be perfect. So, try to set yourself achievable goals. Nobody will be angry at you if your Christmas meal does not resemble what you had imagined. ‘Good enough’ is more than sufficient.

    Also, do not worry when your guests are arriving. They are unlikely to notice the little flaws of the party you have kindly thrown. However, they will perceive your nervousness, so relax and keep smiling.

    img_0028Share the workload

    Whilst preparing festivities, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can delegate the different tasks. A good way to do so consists in involving your children. Not only will they remain busy, they will also enjoy participating in the festive preparations.

    You can include your guests by asking them to bring some dishes. They will be happy to contribute to your party as few people like being passive visitors.

    Rest and have fun

    Christmas holidays are made to relax. So, do not forget to take some time off from the stressful preparations. Think about yourself. This is the one day during which you can do whatever you want to. Why not watch Christmas films, or listen to lively carols?

    Going outside of the house is also highly recommended to relax. And a walk after your festivities is an excellent way to work off those extra calories!


  9. Festive Productions 2017 Showrooms Now Open

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    Festive 2017 showrooms (for trade only) have just opened in Cwmbran. Featuring enchanting displays and unique products, our new showrooms are perfect to get a glimpse of what the festive season will look like in 2017.

    Our visual merchandising team, led by Joanne Thomas, has produced a wonderful Christmas story, divided into various original themes, including Christmas Jubilation, Arctic Ice, Orelia, and Nordic Forest. Not only do Festive displays celebrate British and Scandinavian culture, they also praise the polar magic and the luxurious essence of Christmas.


    In addition to our themes, 3 main trends are taking over the new year: Playful and its comical decorations, Harmony promoting well-being, and Cosmic focusing on micro and macro science.

    Along with Festive-designed decorations, our 2017 collection features adorable Disney products (Mickey and friends, Disney Princess, and Frozen). The cheeky minions are also staying in Festive next year!

    To book a visit, please contact your local Field Sales Manager, or Festive Productions Head Office.