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  1. Festive British Decorations

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    Each year, Festive unveils the design trends likely to dominate Christmas. Amongst the many tendencies defining the 2017 festivities, celebration of British culture is likely to astonish everybody. The traditional spirit of Christmas is associated with cheery elements of British society. At Festive, Britishness is depicted through a gleeful prism to allow a harmonious and merry incorporation into Christmas. Not only do we honour British society through elaborate Christmas Jubilation displays, we also put spotlight on Britain with our marvellous range of decorations inspired by national symbols. In addition to embodying British culture in its entirety and diversity, our ornaments, including hanging decorations, table tops, and room decorations can get anyone into a joyful mood.

    Hanging decorations

    Our fabulous collection includes decorations ornamented with stylish patterns, such as tartan, and shaped into famous symbols, including Big Ben and the Welsh dragon. Hung on any Christmas tree, our British-inspired ornaments are perfect to bring an ounce of originality to any home.

    Glass decorations


    1. 12cm glass Scottish Santa (236220)

    2.10cm glass union jack ball (P012783)

    3. 8cm 2 asstd glass balls with tartan design (P012788)

    4. 10cm glass bauble in tartan (101474)

    5. 9cm glass London bus (P012775)

    6. 8cm traditional tartan ball (P012831)

    7. 13cm glass big ben (P013802)

    8. 11cm red glass telephone box (P006939)

    Other ornaments


    1. 10cm Scottish Santa (P010551)

    2. 9cm 2 asstd bus decorations (P013725)

    3. 7cm 2 asstd decoupage London icons balls (P012531)

    4. 17cm 2 asstd felt decorations – postbox/phone box (P007328)

    5. 8cm London icons disc (P013726)

    6. 8cm Christmas pudding decoration (P013875)

    7. 8cm 3 asstd tartan balls (P013730)

    8. 9cm Scottish penguin (P010554)

    9. 8cm bagpipe and tartan decoupage ball (P010549)

    10. 14cm 2 asstd felt policeman/queens guard (256556)

    11. 7.5cm twin tartan fabric liberty bell (120628)

    12. 7cm decoupage Welsh icon ball (P012533)

    Table tops & room decorations

    At Festive, key icons of British culture are made into modern and gleeful decorative items. Our table tops and room decorations can help anyone produce a merry replica of British society at home.


    1. 46cm plush standing Scottish Santa (229390)

    2. 207cm red display telephone box (P010334)

    3. 22cm led double decker bus light (P011681)

    4. 14.8cm beefeater money box (P010954)

    5. 120cm x 112cm laser cut black wooden taxi (P012289)

    6. 28cm little dog door step in union jack fabric (P015594)

    7. 50cm tartan tree (P013623)

    8. 17cm post box money box (P010956)

    9. 19cm double decker bus (P010336)

    10. 9.3cm queen and corgi salt and pepper set (P010962)

    11. 26.5cm telephone box door stop (P015599)

    12. 47cm 1958 big ben (P010342)

  2. Festive 2017 Licenced Collection

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    IMG_8508In 2017, Festive Productions is reinforcing its licencing agreements with Disney and Universal. Our new licenced collection, comprising Frozen, Disney Princess, Mickey and friends, and Minions, heavily rely on the current developments undertaken by both entertainment empires.

    Not only will princesses Elsa and Anna be back in the second opus of the popularly acclaimed Disney film, Frozen, the two sisters, from Arendelle, will also continue their magical adventures with Festive. Our 2017 Frozen range, including lovely hanging ornaments and twinkling tinsel, will enchant everybody this Christmas.

    IMG_8507With the release of Beauty and the Beast in March, the knowledgeable Belle is leading our 2017 Disney Princess collection with her own decorated Christmas tree. This year, Festive is more committed than ever to the Dream Big, Princess Campaign, dwelling on princesses’ qualities to empower young girls. Festive decorations, varying from figurines to baubles, highlight the inspiring qualities of these smart, adventurous, kind, and creative heroines.

    What would Disney be without its emblematic characters, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Donald Duck? The most famous mouse, accompanied with his lover and friends, will be at the core of our 2017 Disney range, designed to reinforce the traditional spirit of Christmas.

    IMG_8509Minions will joyfully enliven this summer as they will return to the new Universal animated film, Despicable Me 3. Minions are also staying in Festive to keep spreading happiness this Christmas. Our Minions decorations will bring incredible laughter and cute cheekiness in 2017.

  3. Festive Harmony display at NEC

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    Each year, Festive cheerfully takes part in the trade show, NEC Spring Fair, to present its marvellous and innovative Christmas decorations. The 2017 exhibit has been sensational for our company. In addition to showcasing our impressive train, stunning trees, and original lights, we have introduced our new Christmas themes and design trends through elaborate and mesmerising displays. Our Harmony trend, unveiled at NEC, delivers tranquil décors encouraging the mind to disconnect from the chaos dominating the world. Our Harmony collection serves to develop a serene atmosphere, essential to find inner peace and happiness. Influenced by the Bohemian culture, Harmony is a trend that heavily relies on elements found on our splendid Earth, varying from crystals to stones.


    Trend Highlights

    Our Harmony tree displayed at NEC is adorned with delicate ornaments embodying calmness and grace. Producing a décor inspired by our Harmony trend requires decorations resembling glamourous jewels, as they express peaceful sensuality. The earthy aspect of our design can be reproduced with ornaments representing the anatomy of stones and minerals. Finally a relaxing display cannot be made without well-being symbols.

    Get our Harmony look from NEC

    Voluptuousness is best spread with twinkling decorations giving the illusion they are precious jewels.


    8cm ice glass olive (P006898)

    Seet Kamal - 44

    7cm 3 asstd tinsel wire balls (P015726)

    Our decoupage baubles featuring organic components are perfect to create a realm of tranquillity.


    7cm 3 asstd decoupage harmony print balls (P012542)

    Delicate flowers and plants are amazing symbols combining peacefulness with nature.


    75cm acrylic silver cattail spray (P011857)


    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  4. NEW: Festive Train

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    250cm display steam train (P010346)

    Trains have always played a significant role during Christmas. Since their creation, they have allowed millions of passengers to travel home in December. At the end of 19th century, steam trains were used to transport Christmas presents sent from elsewhere. Due to their crucial missions, trains rapidly became popular decorative items. Moving around Christmas trees or resting on mantelpieces, little trains have continually served to reinforce the magical essence of Christmas whilst provoking joy around.


    This year, Festive 2017 range is dominated by an impressive display steam train. Measuring 250cm, our black train, adorned with the number ‘25’ and a powerful spotlight, is the perfect product to create a nostalgic décor and deliver the Christmas spirit at home. Producing remarkable and realistic sound effects, our gigantic and captivating train can get anybody in a cheery mood.

  5. Festive will exhibit its 2017 decorations at NEC

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    After participating in Harrogate Christmas & Gift, Festive will be present at the Spring Fair NEC, taking place in Birmingham from Sunday 5th to Thursday 9th February 2017.

    There, we will showcase our new products including home-designed decoupage baubles, app controlled lights, gigantic Santas, ornaments made of paper, and our Festive train. NEC will also be the occasion for us to unveil our exciting themes and trends, such as Nordic Forest, Orelia, and Harmony.

    Our friendly and experienced staff will merrily welcome you at stand 2E30-F, H30-J31, F30-H.

     For more information, please see below:


  6. Christmas continues in January and February

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    Christmas never stops for Festive. In 2017, we will be exhibiting our fabulous 2017 Christmas decorations at renowned trade shows: Harrogate Christmas & Gift and Spring Fair NEC.

    Firstly, from Sunday 8th to Wednesday 11th January, you will be able to find us at stand C1 at Harrogate. We will be presenting our exciting 2017 products and our experienced and dedicated staff will gladly help and advise. Festive has been participating in Harrogate Christmas & Gift fair for more than 25 years, and the ambiance does not cease to amaze.

    Secondly, from Sunday 5th to Thursday 9th February, we will be in Birmingham to showcase our fantastic new range of decorations at Spring Fair NEC. Our stands will be as follows: E30 – F31 / H30 – J31 / F30 – H31. Every year, Spring Fair hosts wonderful exhibits, and Festive 2017 displays will definitely exceed all expectations.

    We hope to see you there. For more information, please see below:





  7. It’s Christmas in January… and February

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    It’s Christmas in January… and February as we take Festive on the road to our two annual Trade Shows, Harrogate Christmas & Gift and Spring Fair NEC.


    We are delighted to take our exciting new 2015 range with us to Harrogate and Birmingham to exhibit on a National & International stage.


    First up is Harrogate in January.

    On Sunday 11th January until Thursday 15th January Festive are at Harrogate Christmas & Gift.

    We have a huge stand again this year with lots of exciting products, great displays and of course our experienced and dedicated staff.


    Next we are off to Birmingham in February.

    On Sunday 1st February until Thursday 5th February we will be at Spring Fair NEC, Birmingham.

    Spring Fair is full of some great exhibits and Festive’s 2015 Show certainly does not disappoint.


    So we hope to see you there and for more information see below:

    Harrogate Christmas & Gift 2015

    Spring Fair NEC 2015