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  1. Festive Harmony display at NEC

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    Each year, Festive cheerfully takes part in the trade show, NEC Spring Fair, to present its marvellous and innovative Christmas decorations. The 2017 exhibit has been sensational for our company. In addition to showcasing our impressive train, stunning trees, and original lights, we have introduced our new Christmas themes and design trends through elaborate and mesmerising displays. Our Harmony trend, unveiled at NEC, delivers tranquil décors encouraging the mind to disconnect from the chaos dominating the world. Our Harmony collection serves to develop a serene atmosphere, essential to find inner peace and happiness. Influenced by the Bohemian culture, Harmony is a trend that heavily relies on elements found on our splendid Earth, varying from crystals to stones.


    Trend Highlights

    Our Harmony tree displayed at NEC is adorned with delicate ornaments embodying calmness and grace. Producing a décor inspired by our Harmony trend requires decorations resembling glamourous jewels, as they express peaceful sensuality. The earthy aspect of our design can be reproduced with ornaments representing the anatomy of stones and minerals. Finally a relaxing display cannot be made without well-being symbols.

    Get our Harmony look from NEC

    Voluptuousness is best spread with twinkling decorations giving the illusion they are precious jewels.


    8cm ice glass olive (P006898)

    Seet Kamal - 44

    7cm 3 asstd tinsel wire balls (P015726)

    Our decoupage baubles featuring organic components are perfect to create a realm of tranquillity.


    7cm 3 asstd decoupage harmony print balls (P012542)

    Delicate flowers and plants are amazing symbols combining peacefulness with nature.


    75cm acrylic silver cattail spray (P011857)


    Designed by festive logo (2)


    Look out for the ‘Designed by Festive’ logo for exclusive Festive products.

  2. 2017 tinsel collection

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    festive-british-made-tinsel-collection-1Tinsel remains our flagship product in 2017. Made from metallised PVC, our British made tinsel is constantly evolving and modernising to satisfy increasing demand. Whilst our traditional pieces (red/green/gold/silver fine cut/chunky tinsel) remain in our 2017 range due to their continuing success, many novelties in our tinsel collection are to be noted.

    Trendy colours

    This year, red, green, gold, silver, white, and purple are joined by fashionable tones. Our high-quality tinsel comes in sophisticated metallic shades and delightful blue tones. Whilst matt champagne, bronze, and matt silver symbolise refinement, powder blue, teal, and mint blue, inspiring calm, are perfect to create a winter wonderland scenery. In 2017, colours are also mixed to create unbelievable harmonies.

    Colours come with different finishes too. Not only can tinsel be glossy and matt, the Christmas must-have looks amazing when produced with holographic and embossed effects.1

    1. 200cm x 7.5cm fine cut tinsel – matt champagne (P015294)

    2. 200cm x 10cm chunky tinsel – powder blue (P015290)

    3. 200cm copper / bronze diamond garland (P010404)

    4. 200cm teal wavy tinsel (P010398)

    Unique shapes

    Although our fine cut and chunky tinsel pieces are extremely popular, we are introducing new kinds of garlands. We propose stunning wavy tinsel pieces. The twinkling and colourful bands, cut and attached to a sturdy wire in our state-of-the-art machines, are slightly curled, giving a modern and stylish look to our tinsel.

    Moreover, we have garlands composed of superb large fern leaves. Amongst our most original tinsel pieces, 2017 sees the appearance of crinkle loop and spiral bubble garlands, which will get anyone into a festive mood.2

    1. 200cm red wavy tinsel ( P010395)

    2. 200cm x 14cm large fern leaf – dark aglan (P015073)

    3. 200cm silver crinkle loop garland (P010890)

    4. 200cm red / green spiral bubble garland (P010418)

    Atypical items

    Whilst snowmen and penguins, made of sparkly tinsel, are happily staying in Festive, tinsel bands are also used to make loop chains, wavy cut pull out garlands, and spiral twists in 2017. Tinsel stars and poinsettias serve to merrily enliven delightful wire pieces. Our new wreaths and Christmas cone trees are composed of tinsel holly leaves, poms, and snowflakes shapes.3

    1. 240cm Christmas loop chain multi (P010893)

    2. 150cm x 10cm gold wavy cut pull out garland (P010389)

    3. 200cm lilac spiral twist garland (P010401)


    1. 45cm multi snowflake tinsel wreath (P010902)

    2. 750cm red wire star garland (P010907)

    3. 45cm large multi pom cone tinsel tree (P010903)

  3. Festive on BBC News

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    bbc3End of November 2016, BBC News journalist, Elise Wicker, came to Festive Productions and cheerfully discovered our tinsel factory. There, she had the opportunity to meet our tinsel expert, Jason Poulsom, who explained her how the shiny must-have is made.

    Elise found out that our high-quality tinsel is made from metallised PVC. Imported from China, the special and twinkling material, coming in 128 different colours, is cut into thin bands before getting attached to a sturdy wire thanks to our state-of-the-art machines, working similarly as candy-floss makers. Each tinsel piece measures 24 metres and their thickness varies between 25mm and 250mm.

    bbc4Festive Productions is the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK with an average of 12.5 million of metres produced per year.

    Elise also learnt that tinsel does not travel well from abroad. Therefore, making tinsel in Britain guarantees higher quality. Indeed, besides being environmentally-friendly, tinsel made in the UK is less likely to flatten or get damaged as it is not shipped in hot containers.

    bbc5In BBC short-video, slow motion images wonderfully reveal the mesmerising aspect of our sparkly and colourful tinsel.

    Here is the full video.


  4. Festive in print… Daily Mail – December 2016

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    3At Festive, we are always happy to reveal the fabrication process of our twinkling and colourful tinsel. This year, we have welcomed photographers so they could show the work of our staff in the tinsel factory.

    These pictures can be seen on the Daily Mail website. As the popular website highlights, Festive is the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK. During our busiest time (May to November), 650,000ft of sparkly tinsel are produced per month, and 130 seasonal jobs are created.


    Our tinsel is made from metallised polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is cut into bands. These strips are then attached to a solid wire thanks to a machine resembling a candy-floss maker.

    Festive tinsel is sold to retail shops, high street stores, and garden centres, in the UK and abroad.


    Festive Productions was founded in 1983. 11 years after, our company attended its first trade show. In 2017, Festive will be at Harrogate Christmas & Gift Fair, from Sunday 8th to Wednesday 11th January (stand: C1), and at NEC Spring Fair, from Sunday 5th February to Thursday 9th February (stands: 2E30 – F31).

    Our showrooms in Cwmbran, exhibiting our 2017 collection, are now open.


    Here is the full Daily Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4022522/Inside-Welsh-factory-produces-650-000-ft-Christmas-decoration-MONTH.html

  5. The Evolution of Tinsel

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    Giant red bubble loop (160297) / Silver die cut star tinsel (161775) / Raspberry/Iris tipped tinsel (P008647) / Die cut red/green dragon tinsel (830244) / Double tie cut star tinsel (266289)

    Tinsel, referring to thin twinkling bands, is often seen as an indispensable item to bring some sparkle to Christmas trees, doors, walls, stairs, or fireplaces. This gleaming and cheery product possesses an incredible history punctuated by an intensive quest for lower production costs and safety imperatives.

    Tinsel was invented in 1610, in Nuremberg. The glimmering must-have was first introduced to reflect the candle lights ornamenting Christmas trees. Tinsel was mostly created from silver cut into thin strands, making the sparkly product very expensive to produce and to buy. Only the wealthy fringe of society could proudly get tinsel to enchant their Christmas with exceptional glow. Silver, which also tended to tarnish when in contact with hot lights, started being replaced by cheaper metals, such as copper and tin. Metallic tinsel survived until the 20th century.


    Red tinsel prelit cone tree (659531) / Holly pine/red tinsel prelit tree (268528) / Lime green prelit cone tree (659524)

    When World War I started, the demand for copper dramatically rose, creating a shortage for the tinsel industry. Manufacturers had to change their strategy to keep production costs low. As a result, tinsel, which was predominantly made in Lyon (France) at the time, became aluminium-based. However, aluminium generated more fire scares than cheerful moments. Faced with life threatening issues, manufacturers tried to make tinsel from tin and lead. But the tinsel produced was too heavy and of poor quality due to the strips disgracefully falling apart.

    In 1950s, lead was used by most of the tinsel industry to make gleeful and shining layers. A decade later, this cheap material was suspected of causing poisoning, especially amongst children. Lead completely disappeared from the tinsel production in 1972.


    Holly pine/gold prelit tinsel wreath (268542) / Clear/gold tinsel wreath with black tips (P008731)

    Today, tinsel is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To obtain shiny effects, the PVC base is metallised before being cut into delightful bands. These stripes are then spun in a drum so that they firmly stick to a wire. This technique, mastered by Festive, is key to create high quality tinsel.


    Tinsel snowman wall plaque (P004310) / Large tinsel penguin wall plaque (P004306)

    Festive is the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK. Every year, from January to November, Festive produces 14 million metres of tinsel, enough to go around the world every two years! With 35 state-of-the-art tinsel machines and 3 dye cut machines, Festive creates original and superior tinsel whose thickness varies from 25mm and 250mm. In addition to making tinsel garlands, Festive also produces tinsel wreaths, hats, stockings, plaques, and trees designed to brilliantly enhance your Christmas party.

    41Twinkling tinsel decorations: cheery wreaths, adorable mini trees, jovial snowmen, gleeful Santa hats, and delightful stockings to be filled with wonderful goodies.

    dscf0076The realm of sparkly and colourful tinsel garlands!

    42Shining tinsel trees to create a festive and funky ambiance in your home this Christmas.

    20140206_092202Ingenious machine used by Festive to make high quality tinsel.

    s2Lively and shiny tinsel stockings (P004300) designed to welcome fantastic treats!



  6. Happy New Year! Festive looks back over 2015

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    Festive Productions would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and invite you all to think back over 2015 and remember your favourite times. It’s all too easy at this time of year to think about how ‘naughty’ you’ve been or consider how you can improve yourself with new regimes and better habits.

    Festive prides itself with having a good rapport with our customers, end users and Christmas wholesale suppliers alike, so we think you’re pretty great already! Let’s stop berating ourselves and remember how brilliant 2015 has been.

    Festive’s favourites of 2015

    As you may know Festive’s festive season starts very early, in fact it never really stops! It really is Christmas all year round in our corner of Cwmbran. 2015 was a busy year for us as ever, but we’d like to share some of the highlights.

    Harrogate Christmas and Gift 2015

    A definite favourite every year, the organisers of Harrogate Christmas and Gift Fair always make us feel very welcome. The show has just taken place and we were very excited, and busy getting organised for our stands during the first week of January. Look out for news about how it went soon…



    Last year, we took our gorgeous little Mini all the way up the M1 as part of our ‘Home for Christmas’ theme. It was such a hit that we even sold out of our mini Minis, made for hanging on the Christmas tree! You can read all about why we love Harrogate so much in our blog, ‘Festive reveals ‘A Picture Perfect Christmas’ at Harrogate Christmas and Gift 2016.’

    A warm welcome to Disney’s Frozen

    We were ecstatic to become the licensed producer of Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations last year. Our previous blog, ‘Disney’s Frozen Christmas decorations available wholesale from Festive’ tells you all about the range. But, for Festive it is not only the acquiring of a new license that we are so pleased about, it is the Frozen products themselves – we adore the beloved characters in this popular hit film and firmly believe the style and design of the decorations will make them treasured items for generations to come. We can’t wait to hear when ‘Frozen 2’ will be released!


    Tinsel Tina and The Lady

    During November last year, Festive took ‘Tinsel Tina’ one of our tinsel machines to Wyevale’s Cadbury garden centre in Bristol. She was a huge hit, enthralling the crowds just by doing her day to day job – churning out 24 meters of tinsel every five minutes! The full story is in our blog, ‘Festive introduces Tinsel Tina to Wyevale’s Cadbury Garden Centre’.



    And in December women’s lifestyle magazine ‘The Lady’ visited our manufacturing floor to see for themselves how we produce 600,000 meters of tinsel garland every day. Melonie Clarke seemed to enjoy herself, getting wrapped up in the festive spirit, figuratively and literally! You can read about her day at Festive in her ‘The Lady’ article, ‘My Day in Tinsel Town’.



    Share your highlights

    When someone brings you joy, share it! A smile is infectious and good vibes travel far…

    We would love to hear how 2015 made you and your friends or family happy. You can find us on Twitter @Festive_UK, on Facebook as Festive Productions Ltd, or comment at the foot of this blog. Let’s put changing ourselves on hold for a while and remember what brought us joy, or achievement last year!


  7. Festive in print… The Lady Magazine – December 2015

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    In December 2015, Festive had the pleasure to welcome Melonie Clarke, journalist for the prestigious Lady Magazine. Melonie had the privilege to learn the well-kept secrets surrounding our colourful and shiny tinsel, essential to merrily embellish any Christmas tree.

    Arrived in our enchanting tinsel realm, Melonie learnt that Festive has been producing tinsel since 1983. Festive is now the largest tinsel manufacturer in the UK, with 12 million metres successfully produced every year! Our lively and sparkly tinsel is sold to renowned supermarkets, garden centres, and shops, in the UK and abroad.1

    Melonie was extremely interested in discovering the fabrication process of our tinsel. So, we took her to our factory where our 35 powerful and state-of-the-art machines are frenetically running to make high quality tinsel. She even had the chance to try one of our machines!

    Melonie learnt that at Festive, we use metallised PVC imported from China to make our gleeful tinsel. Once cut by our machines, the special PVC is attached to a solid metal wire. In total, this operation lasts between 4min30 and 17. Generally, each piece of tinsel produced by Festive measures 24 metres, and the thickness of each varies between 25mm to 250mm.

    Festive tinsel can be composed of 8 colours and comes in different shapes thanks to dye machines cutting the tinsel in funky and original patterns, such as hearts, snowflakes, or even kangaroos!2

    Melonie was impressed by the immense popularity of tinsel, requiring Festive to remain open 24/7 from May to November in order to keep up with the tremendous demand during this period and provide the UK and the world with the best Christmas must-have!