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Minions have made Festive their new home! The cuddly and comical characters perfectly embody the cheery spirit attached to Christmas. Minions will definitely spread fun and love in any home.

Our Universal collection is composed of exceptional products, such as stylish stockings, adorable hats and amusing baubles.

Everybody loves Minions! Introduced in the successful animated film, Despicable Me, as Gru’s loyal workers, the cheeky little creatures, created to serve evil villains, stole the show from the human characters.

This outstanding popularity urged the creators of Despicable Me to give the cute yellow guys a subplot in the second opus.

And in June 2015, Minions got their own film, which is now the second highest grossing animated film of all time! And the hype isn’t slowing down, as a new Despicable Me 3 will be released this summer. We really can’t wait!


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