Why are Minions so popular?


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The Minions are probably the trendiest fictional yellow creatures nowadays. Introduced in the successful animated film, Despicable Me, as Gru’s loyal workers, the cheeky little creatures, created to serve evil villains, stole the show from the human characters. The Minions immediately became the iconic and lucrative figures of the Universal cinematographic production. This outstanding popularity urged the creators of Despicable Me to give the cute yellow guys a subplot in the second opus. Also, they were heavily used in videos and other marketing campaigns to promote the motion picture. In June 2015, the Minions got their own film, which was a great success!

The Minions, revealing the origins of the yellow beings wearing huge goggles and constantly craving bananas, is now the 2nd highest-grossing animated film of all time, just after Frozen. The Minions have become true idols in popular culture. Not only do they feature in video games, they also appear on clothes, fast-food menus, bags, and comics. Whilst the amusing creatures are highly appreciated by children, they are also liked by adults who playfully enjoy dressing like them. This popularity across the world and generations has several reasons;


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1. Cuddly characters

The Minions’ adulation can be explained by their lovely aspect. Inspired by the adorable Oompas-Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the valiant Ewoks from Star Wars, the Minions have seduced the public thanks to their pet-alike appearance. Each time their cute forms pop onto the screen their actions bring them closer to our hearts.

Moreover, the Minions are extremely popular because of their fairly simple design, allowing children to draw and customise them as they wish. Children can create their own Minions modelled on themselves. Stimulating children’s imagination, the Minions can only be approved by parents.

2. Hilarious idiocy

The Minions are idolised because they act like children. Indeed, they are totally unable to stay focused for more than a minute. They always lose sight of what they are meant to accomplish. Whilst this behaviour amuses adults who have remained kids at heart, it reverberates a chord with children who can fully identify to these silly creatures. The minions are loved because they are simple-minded guys who show stupidity has really no limit. However, their foolishness is mainly cute and funny as it is never intended. The Minions manage to make people laugh with them and remind everybody of how marvellous it is to gleefully giggle.


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3. Subversive behaviour

Finally, the Minions’ success is also due to their rebellious attitude. By siding with the most despicable people on Earth, the childish yellow creatures go against the establishment. Their disobedience entertains children who, in quest for moral boundaries, like to defy authority. And parents have nothing to worry about! Minions, always end up doing good. Children are therefore shown that being nasty never pays.

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