How to make the most of your Christmas decorations all year round

Dec 4, 2019

Come December (November for some) we deck our halls with bells and holly, wrap our bannisters in garlands, hang lights off our houses, cram ceiling high trees in our living rooms and nail stockings over the fireplace. We happily let the festive fever take over until every inch of our homes are dripping in Christmas.

Many of us have spent years building our collection which usually includes a mixture of family heirlooms, handcrafted and on trends ornaments, not to mention the few new bits and bobs we indulge ourselves with each year. But despite the amount we’ve spent on them and how much we love them, for the majority of the year they sit in a box, either in the attic or garage, just gathering dust.

But who’s to say that they are strictly ‘just for Christmas?’ Here’s a few common Christmas items that you can use a number of different ways all year round.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can add a romantic glow to an al-fresco dinner on a nice summer evening. You can also hang them up in the bedroom to help create a depth of warmth. Or, if you really wanted to get creative, trapping them like fireflies in a jar makes a homespun indoor or outdoor lighting decoration.


As well as being used for the table centrepiece at Christmas dinner, Floristry is becoming an increasingly popular alternative tree decoration. But, it can also bring a fresh and organic feel to your home all year round.

Floral table centre pieces add a splash of colour and can liven up your hallways, dining or living room décor no matter the season.

If you are using them on your Christmas tree, instead of packing them away after the Festive season, put them in a vase. Flowers can help brighten up any room in the house whilst also complimenting your interior design. There’s even studies to show that flowers in the home can help increase happiness and emotional contact with friends and family and also reduce depression.

You could also use them to decorate a plain old frame, creating a piece of art you can display loudly and proudly on the walls of your home.


There’s probably loads of ornaments you have tucked away for Christmas that you could use in and outside of your house yearlong.

Lanterns for example, a decorative indoor and outdoor lighting ornament which adds character to any space.

Stags, common characters at Christmas time, but also a rustic addition to the home décor all year round. The same can be said for angels, another character that often makes its appearance jut once a year, at Christmas.

Finding other ways to utilise your Christmas decorations for the other eleven months of the year is not only economical, it saves storage space and the trouble of having to pack it all up.


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