Woodland Wonder

We are bringing the wonders and beauty of nature into interiors and creating our final look for 2021, Woodland Wonder.

A Scandinavian inspired theme where natural woods, leaf motifs and floral details are an important focus, with copper berry details intertwined. Woodland animals such as squirrels, foxes and deers are found in this theme.

Though the heart of Woodland Wonder takes its inspiration from natural elements, we have taken a step away from a rustic look by adding accents of metallic and glitter finishes creating that Christmas Sparkle. Copper coloured metals and mercury effect glass creates a welcome contrast to the natural elements. Minimal, clean products also enhance the look, creating a theme that is warm, fresh and modern but completely inspired by nature.

A simplistic and warm palette sits within this theme giving note to its Scandinavian influences using only three colours. Metallic copper, powder white and a deep terracotta create 2021 trend, Woodland Wonder.