Festive Window Displays

Dec 3, 2019

Stop passers-by in their tracks with an eye catching Festive window display that’s so irresistible, they’re drawn in store.

Whoever said less is more? More is more!

Your window display not only needs to attract attention quickly, it needs to also hold someone’s interest long enough to move that person to action and pull them into store.

According to a 2018 study of ‘The Impact of Visual Merchandising on Impulse Buying Behaviour of retail Customers,’ window displays are a key factor in whether a potential customer enters the store or keeps on walking.

It’s scientifically proven that consumers are directly influenced by physical attractiveness. So it’s vital that you make a memorable, lasting, first impression.

Window displays can often prove to be one of the most important and effective factors leading to impulse buying.

If you’re wanting to stand out on the high street this Christmas or looking to create the perfect Instagram worthy photo opportunity for your Festive foot traffic, then get in touch today or call our business centre on 01633 627300.

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