Lit Bows & Colour Changing Icicles

Feb 3, 2023

Colour Changing Icicle Lights

One of our most popular items in 2022 was our colour changing icicles, not only have we added 2 new options to this collection, we have also added a dump bin display unit with free display set!

For each colour option we have created a dump bin to match, each containing 64 units, delivered on a mini pallet with cover so its quick and easy to get out into the shop floor.

Remember, if you want to top up in season just use the individual item code!

P032178 White to Multi Colour

Dump Bin Code: P047440

P045360 White to Warm White

Dump Bin Code: P047441

P045361 White to Blue

Dump Bin Code: P047442

Lit Bows

Our immensely popular lit bows are packed in 6’s and can be ordered in block colours or in an assorted dump bin display unit with free display bow.

Due to the many requests we have had we have now created 3 new dump bin options in block colours – either red, gold or silver.

Each FSDU will have its own display bow matching the colour of the lit bows sold and will be in the same format as the assorted unit – 36 pieces per FSDU

Red Bow: P036711 /P047433 Dump Bin

Gold Bow: P036710/P047434 Dump Bin

Silver Bow: P036709/P047435 Dump Bin

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