Merry Christmas From Festive

Dec 6, 2019

Since closing our 2019 showroom in June, our Festive elves have been hard at work bringing our new on trend core themes and sub capsules to life. With more large visual display items than ever before, vastly extended lines of product spanning multiple different materials and finishes, plus our world famous UK manufactured tinsel, our 2020 collection is bigger and better than ever.

Whilst we always strive to create a range that appeals to every audience, we are very conscious of the fact that our customers have widely different tastes and styles.

For 2019, we designed each individual theme with a specific look and feel in mind. By doing this there was at least one theme that tickled the tastes buds of every Festive customer. Whilst this worked well, for 2020 we’ve hugely expanded our range across all product categories so there’s something for everyone in each and every theme.

‘In every one of our 2020 themes you will find an extended mix of large display, plush and table top items. Along with Glass, acrylic, decoupage, wood, metal, claydo and shatterproof hanging decorations,’ said Danielle Vaughan, Senior Designer at Festive Productions.

With more product to work with we’ve built spectacular, larger than life themed sets which all tell a unique story.

We’ve also greatly improved our range of hanging decorations, ‘especially our glass,’ added Rob Fox, National Field Sales Manager at Festive Productions. ‘We have come a long way over the past few years in this area and 2020 is shaping up to be the best ever.’

Our artificial tree range has also moved on from last year with a more concise group of our best-selling tree families on offer. In lighting, 2020 brings further innovation and new development across winning 2019 lines such as our crackle effect lit products. But without doubt, the biggest WOW for 2020 is our brand new array of large display props that are sure to stop customers in their tracks.

At Festive, we pride ourselves on our service levels from the minute an order is placed and right through to delivery and beyond.  This combined with our competitive pricing on quality products, can be sure to add value to any retail business next year.

Above all though, we recognise that our customers are our lifeblood and every decision we take as a business is made with them at the forefront of our minds.

Without further ado, we proudly present our 2020 Showroom…..


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